Losing your passport abroad can be scary — here are 4 steps you should take immediately

Robert F. Balazik/Shutterstock Losing your passport when you’re traveling can quickly turn into a real-life nightmare. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to swiftly handle an unexpected obstacle while avoiding major interruption to your original itinerary and travel plans. Here’s what to do if your passport is lost or stolen while you’re abroad. […]

Is China losing the trade war against America?

WHEN Donald Trump tweeted on August 5th that tariffs were working “big time”, American media sprang into action to test the claim (see article). In China, editors were more circumspect. No major Chinese-language newspaper reported his tweets. One of his claims—that China’s stockmarket has fallen 27% in the past four months—was an exaggeration. But why […]

Trump is losing the trade war, according to his favorite measure

Rick Loomis/Getty Images President Donald Trump has made the reduction of the US trade deficit one of the key measures of success in his trade fights with China, the European Union, and Canada. According to new data, the US trade deficit is growing, despite Trump’s tariffs. The deficits between the US and Trump’s main trade […]

Serena Williams CRIES after losing Wimbledon final to Angelique Kerber in straight sets

Williams, 36, was cheered on by superstar pals Tiger Woods and Lewis Hamilton while her good friend Meghan Markle was in the Royal Box. But it was Kerber who put in a regal performance, crushing Williams 6-3 6-3 to win her third Grand Slam title. The German collapsed on the SW19 turf after taking the […]

13 things no one tells you about losing weight, according to someone who has done it

Losing weight is hard — that’s why it’s a $ 66 billion industry in the US alone. Losing weight can be tough and it’s something that is often shrouded in guilt and secrecy. If you want to lose weight or even simply adopt a healthier lifestyle, here are 13 things you need to know beforehand, […]

The global economy is losing momentum even before tariffs hit

Carlos Barria/Reuters PMI reports are regarded as being as good an indicator as any on the health of the global economy. In June, new exports orders from China, Japan and the ASEAN regional all declined, pointing to a softening in global demand. The United States is set to slap 25% tariffs on $ 34 billion […]

Starbucks gets away with expensive coffee in the morning — but it’s losing out to cheaper competition in the afternoons (SBUX)

Starbucks could be pricing itself out of the market, Bernstein warned clients on Tuesday. The firm says Starbucks coffee is priced about 38% higher than competitors, which is especially hurtful in the afternoon. With already high prices, Starbucks could struggle if the price of raw coffee beans increases. Follow Starbucks’ stock price in real-time here. […]