These are the logos the Trump campaign is offering the Space Force

Trump Make America Great Again Committee The Army has its star, the Marines a globe and anchor. But the decision on what logo to give the proposed Space Force may well be left up to donors to President Trump’s political action committee. On Thursday, it sent out an email to supporters asking them to vote […]

Star Wars news: Han Solo movie title finally revealed? New logos show Red Cup real name

Secrecy is high on every Star Wars project. Even so, leaks and some offical reports from the set have started to give fans an idea of how the Han Solo standalone is shaping up. Two new logos from items used on the set have given fans a massive indication of what the film will be […]

How these 23 brands are using colors in their logos to influence their customers

Michael Dalder/Getty Images Supposedly 80% of the information we receive from a logo comes from the colors contained within it. That’s because different colors evoke different feelings and emotions. Companies will often go to great lengths to make sure their logo perfectly matches their branding strategy. Google famously tested 40 different shades of blue in […]