James Bond: A-ha speak out on The Living Daylights theme DISPUTE 30 years on (EXCLUSIVE)

Back in 1987 Timothy Dalton replaced Sir Roger Moore as James Bond in The Living Daylights. Following Duran Duran’s A View to a Kill, eyes were on another hit 1980s pop band to take on the latest theme. Following the success of their debut album in 1985, a-ha were called upon to write the next […]

Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition: It’s a developer-first world and we’re just living in it

GUEST: It’s no longer controversial: The tech universe rotates around developers. A little over a year ago, I wrote about how developers are more powerful than ever. They play a critical role in turning raw technological power into custom applications that make life easier – and create value. Over the last decade, they have ascended […]

Seven ways to ditch stress and start living your life

GETTY Stressed? A whopping 85 per cent of British adults experience stress regularly Feeling a little stressed out lately? Well you’re not alone. According to recent studies, a whopping 85 per cent of British adults experience stress regularly, with over half of these worrying about the impact it has on their health. And it seems […]

America’s oldest living WWII veteran just turned 112 — and he smokes 12 cigars a day

America’s oldest World War II veteran, and the oldest man in America, turned 112 years old on Friday. Richard Overton is an Army veteran who served in the South Pacific, including Guam and Iwo Jima.  Overton still smokes 12 cigars, drinks multiple cups of coffee and even whiskey and coke every day.  He smokes cigars, […]

AI offers a new way to look inside living human cells

Over the course of their careers, biologists develop a huge mental library of cell structures and their corresponding data. Investigating specific areas of a living cell involves a piecemeal approach, identifying how some parts work with others and spending time on cell labelling. But now, the Allen Institute for Cell Science has launched the first […]

How to Make Positive Changes Now (And Start Living a Fulfilling Life)

Whether you find yourself facing redundancy or the loss of a loved one, stuck in a rut or unable to stay motivated, making positive changes is likely to feature in the things you’re going to need to do to feel happy and successful again. However, it can be easier said than done. In this article, […]

Living With The Brainy Bunch review

Take two teenage underachievers – Hollie who had a habit of wandering round the corridors and said “school’s so boring”, and Jack (excluded three times, 105 detentions) – and put them in the homes of two of their high-achieving classmates for six weeks. The parents of the poorly achieving children did not come out covered […]