A Million Little Things Fall Finale: EP Teases 'We'll Say Goodbye' to One Member of ABC Drama's Ensemble

Warning: This post contains spoilers for A Million Little Things‘ fall finale.  “I’m not the man everyone thinks I am,” A Million Little Things‘ Jon told Ashley in a flashback at the end of Wednesday’s fall finale, just before the pair kissed. Could it be that the family man and business mogul contained even more mysteries […]

Book Excerpt: The Enduring Power of ‘Little Women’

The greatness of Little Women is one of those things that’s become such conventional wisdom, it’s almost taken for granted — as though everyone so accepts the book’s brilliance, it’s become strangely underrated. That’s part of why Little, Brown’s new 150th anniversary edition of Louisa May Alcott’s classic is so valuable; the volume’s gorgeous design and handsome […]

Too little, too late? Merkel comes to Chemnitz to ease ethnic tensions, but faces mass protest

German Chancellor Angela Merkel finally visited the eastern German city of Chemnitz, more than two months after massive right-wing protests there. However, twenty times as many people came to protest against her than to see her. In late August, the city of Chemnitz witnessed a surge of anti-immigrant sentiment after the fatal stabbing of a […]

Quotes of the Week: Charmed, Grey's, Million Little Things, Titans and More

Thanksgiving Day is still a few weeks off, but the way we see it, it’s never too early to appreciate the gift of well-written television. As is our Sunday tradition, we’ve rounded up the best bon mots and one-liners from the week in TV — and the last seven days were particularly plentiful. This time […]

A Million Little Things Recap: Daddy Dilemma, Or: Is Delilah De-Lying?

Need to catch up? Check out the previous A Million Little Things recap here. Note to A Million Little Things viewers: If you ever want to keep something secret, make sure you don’t tell Rome. Because the guy is incapable of zipping his lips, as evidenced by his spilling of Delilah’s big secret within the first few […]

WATCH: Little girl horrified when she spots THIS disgusting sight on a plane

A viral video has captured a horrible sight spotted by a mother and her baby on board a plane. The grim clip shows a little girl who is travelling on a plane for the first time. The inaugural trip has been ruined, however, by the rude passenger sitting in the seat behind the little girl. […]