Listen to the Kendrick Lamar-Produced ‘Black Panther’ Soundtrack

All right, you’ve heard enough about it, the day has arrived – Kendrick Lamar’s much ballyhooed soundtrack to Black Panther is here, and is ready to stream on your service of choice. While the album only includes five songs credited to Kendrick himself (including “All the Stars,” whose video we ogled earlier this week), and […]

Listen to the Original Score for Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse Now’

If you’re a film soundtrack nerd, you probably love composer David Shire, who created the scores for greats like The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The Conversation, and parts of Saturday Night Fever. You may also know him as the guy who got fired by Francis Ford Coppola. Shire was originally hired to compose […]

Listen to Duran Duran’s Original Version of “Girls on Film” With the Band’s Former Singer

English new wave icons Duran Duran released their first self-titled album in 1981, but it was “Girls on Film,” their third single, that caught the attention of the MTV generation thanks to its fetishistic music video and charismatic singer Simon Le Bon’s edgy baritone. But another Duran Duran member played a major role in writing […]

Michael Wolff on Trump: You can’t listen to him talk without considering the possibility that ‘something is grievously amiss’

Michael Wolff, the man who wrote a revealing book on the Trump administration, shared what it was like to watch White House staff interact with President Donald Trump. In an interview that aired Monday night, Wolff said: “You cannot listen to this man talk without at least contemplating the possibility that something is grievously amiss.” […]

LOL: Listen to Adam West’s Punk Cover of ‘The Thing’ in Honor of Dr. Demento

We’ll admit that we’re reaching a little bit outside of our wheelhouse with this one, but considering the talent involved in this special musical project coming in 2018, we just couldn’t resist. There’s a chance that in your life experience of pop culture, you’ve heard the name Dr. Demento. He’s an American radio broadcast best […]

Listen to a 1950s era computer sing ‘Jingle Bells’

Here’s a new version of Jingle Bells you won’t hear played in malls, and it’s courtesy of one of the oldest computers in history. Turing archive director Jack Copeland and composer Jason Long have recreated Ferranti Mark 1’s Christmas performance for the BBC back in 1951. During that broadcast, the first commercially available general-purpose electronic […]

You can finally listen to podcasts on your Apple Watch without having an iPhone around (AAPL)

Apple Watch users haven’t been able to listen to podcasts via the device unless they’ve had an iPhone nearby. That’s because Apple has yet to release a podcast app for the Apple Watch, and it’s limited developers’ ability to create their own podcast apps. But two developers recently released new — if imperfect — apps […]

Camila Cabello album: ‘Havana’ singer reveals TWO new songs – LISTEN here

The ‘Havana’ singer, who has been at Number One in the UK for five weeks, will drop her Camila collection in the New Year. Ahead of its release, she has released Never Be The Same and Real Friends as instant-grat tracks to all who pre-order the LP. Although the full track listing has yet to […]