Top tech companies like Netflix and LinkedIn say they have no problem with employees interviewing for other jobs — in fact, they might want to help

Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/Fllickr The best management strategy is encouraging employees to be open about next steps in their career, according to top tech companies like Netflix and LinkedIn. Executives at these companies have said publicly that they have no problem with employees interviewing for other jobs — in fact, they sometimes […]

LinkedIn, a Microsoft company, bought an employee surveying company in a deal said to be valued at over $400 million (MSFT)

Chip Somodevilla/Getty LinkedIn announced its intent to buy the employee survey software company Glint in a deal said to be valued at more than $ 400 million.  Glint specializes in employee surveys measuring satisfaction with management, compensation, and other internal issues.  The company last raised $ 20 million in November 2017, at a $ 220 million valuation.  […]

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman shares his secret for fast growth and getting ahead of the competition

Shutterstock Startups can be just as risky as they are promising — 20% of small businesses fail in just their first year. But Reid Hoffman, venture capitalist and co-founder of LinkedIn, has a method for success that bucks tradition. “Blitzscaling,” as Hoffman calls it in his new book, means prioritizing speed over efficiency in the face […]

How consumers rank Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube on privacy, fake news, content relevance, safety, and sharing (FB, GOOGL, TWTTR, MSFT, SNAP)

  Digital trust is the confidence people have in a platform to protect their information and provide a safe environment for them to create and engage with content. Business Insider Intelligence surveyed over 1,300 global consumers to evaluate their perception of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Consumers’ Digital Trust rankings differ across security, […]

Suspected Russian LinkedIn hacker Nikulin reportedly extradited from Czech Republic to US

Thomson Reuters The Czech Republic has extradited Russian citizen Yevgeniy Nikulin to the United States where he is accused of hacking social networks including LinkedIn. The decision by Czech Justice Minister Robert Pelikan defies Russia which had also asked for his extradition after Nikulin was arrested in Prague in cooperation with the FBI in 2016. […]

LinkedIn adds Snapchat-like video filters because of course it is

Even LinkedIn can’t resist the urge to imitate Snapchat, it seems. The job-oriented social network is adding eerily familiar-looking filters to its video capture tools for Android and iOS, letting you brag about your “side hustle” and other updates as if you’re one of the hip kids. It feels forced, to put it mildly, but […]

This Microsoft app can add somebody on LinkedIn just by taking a photo of their business card — here’s how it works (MSFT)

Michael Loccisano/Getty Microsoft’s iPhone camera app Pix can automatically find someone on LinkedIn from a business card. The app uses artificial intelligence and integration with LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, to do it. Pix is only available for iOS, so Android users are out of luck. Your next networking event just got a little […]

EFF to Court: LinkedIn is wrong about accessing publicly available information online

EFF is fighting another attempt by a giant corporation to take advantage of our poorly drafted federal computer crime statute for commercial advantage — without any regard for the impact on the rest of us. This time the culprit is LinkedIn. The social networking giant wants violations of its corporate policy against using automated scripts […]

Before billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman met Peter Thiel in college, the ‘pinko commie’ had heard of the ‘libertarian wacko’ — now, they’ve been friends for 30 years

Greylock Partners Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel have been been friends for 30 years and worked together at PayPal. From the day they met at Stanford, they were ideological opposites. The results of their friendship have made them two of the most influential people in Silicon Valley. To a casual observer, the friendship between Reid […]

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman says success is both luck and hard work

  LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman has found massive success in his career. He was an early executive at PayPal, he founded LinkedIn, and he’s now an investing partner at Greylock Partners. Where did that success come from? Hoffman joined Business Insider’s podcast, “Success! How I Did It,” to answer the age-old question: does success stem from luck or […]