A full-blown trade war between America and China looks likely

IT IS becoming increasingly likely that the phoney trade war between America and China will develop into the real thing. On June 15th the Trump administration published two lists of Chinese products it plans to hit with tariffs of 25%, worth $ 50bn in 2018. The first will come into force on July 6th. The […]

Diabetes sufferers more likely to get Parkinson’s

Now it is hoped further research could help improve treatments for both conditions, although experts are currently at a loss to explain the relationship between them. Tom Warner, Professor of Clinical Neurology at University College London, who authored the study, said yesterday: “We can now say more definitely that there is a link between diabetes […]

Trump said he’s likely to sign a bill protecting states with legalized marijuana, directly opposing Jeff Sessions

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren Sen. Cory Gardner and Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced bipartisan legislation to protect state-legalized marijuana. Trump on Friday said he would likely support the bill. The move would protect legally-operating marijuana business from federal interference. President Donald Trump said Friday that he will likely support a bipartisan bill in the Senate that would […]

How to spot bedbugs in YOUR hotel – and where they are most likely to hide

Bed bugs are one of the worst things to come across when on holiday. The creatures can hide in fabric and materials without being spotted, meaning they are easily transported around. With a high volume of people staying in the same room, they often thrive in hotels. Holidaymakers can perform a number of checks to […]

Tesla annual meeting: Model 3 goal ‘quite likely’; Musk remains chairman

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Stroke warning: Five types of people most likely to have deadly stroke – are you at risk?

A stroke is a serious medical emergency that requires immediate treatment, according to the NHS. It’s caused by the blood supply to part of the brain becoming cut off. The condition can lead to widespread and long-lasting problems, including difficulty moving, incontinence, and communication problems. Stroke symptoms include a drooping face on one side, difficulty […]

James Bond 25: Why Daniel Craig’s 007 is very likely to be KILLED OFF in his final outing

In the James Bond franchise’s 55 year history they’ve never actually gone there. But with Craig shooting his fifth and final 007 movie as early as the end of this year, could Bond finally kick the bucket? Of course the character will rebooted with another actor in a few years, but it seems likely the […]

New report suggests commercial crew program likely faces further delays

Enlarge / An artist’s view of the Starliner spacecraft en route to the International Space Station. (credit: Boeing) A new report provides some insight into the challenges that SpaceX and Boeing are facing when it comes to flying commercial crew missions, and it also suggests both companies may be nearly two years away from reaching operational […]