‘Cosmos: Possible Worlds’ trailer explores alien life and butterflies

After the briefest of teases at the start of the year, Fox is ready to show Cosmos: Possible Worlds in earnest. The network has released an initial trailer that suggests Possible Worlds will follow the basic formula of the reborn series’ first season while covering some decidedly different ground. As the name implies, there’s a […]

Aristocrat swaps life of glamour for bliss with son of the soil

Kristyna Drummond-Hay’s ancestors sold Balmoral to Queen Victoria and ruled parts of India during the British Raj. But after falling in love with Michael Lloyd on a matchmaking site for farmers, Kristyna, 36, has chosen a more humble lifestyle. The couple will marry at Christmas and host a reception in a country pub before moving […]

NASA accidentally burned evidence of life on Mars almost 50 years ago

During the 1970s, the Viking probe went to Mars and found no evidence of any organic matter. Yet NASA recently announced its Curiosity rover had discovered complex organic molecules on the surface of Mars. It now seems Viking may have made the same discovery more than 40 years ago — then accidentally burned it up. […]

17 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for the Meat Lovers in Your Life

Imagine if you could make healthy vegetarian recipes that even the most die-hard meat and potatoes fan would go wild for; maybe it would even make them ask for seconds. It might seem like quite a challenge, but truthfully, there are a variety of foods and seasonings we can work with to create similar flavors […]

Rowan Willis, Everse W win Sun Life Financial Derby at Spruce Meadows

Australia's Rowan Willis won the Sun Life Financial Derby on Sunday at Spruce Meadows atop Everse W. Willis beat out American Andrew Kocher and Ireland's Daniel Coyle to close out the weekend of show jumping in Calgary. Kocher finished second atop Blaze of Glory II, while Coyle finished third with Ridley. "It's been a dream to come back […]

Gigapixel timelapse captures a day in the life of London

There’s a real chance you’ve seen gigapixel city shots before, but they’ve rarely had a dynamic element — you’ve had to be content with that one sliver of time. Now, there’s something a little livelier. Lenstore, Nikon and Canary Wharf have partnered on what they say is the first gigapixel timelapse, 24 Hour London. As […]

Amazing life of transgender gangster Mr Gill

PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE SUITS YOU SIR: Gill with ‘wife’ Cynthia Bruno It’s the most challenging role of her career, transforming herself into a portly, butch transsexual, cutting her hair short, taping down her ample breasts, gaining weight and wearing padding. But it’s a role that LGBTQ activists believe should only go to a genuinely transgender […]