Roger Corman’s Sons Sue to Halt Their Father’s Film Library Sale

The sale of the Roger Corman Library has hit a snag. Last month, word broke that Shout! Factory and Ace Films purchased 270 titles the library of legendary B-movie king Roger Corman. Now, Corman’s own sons are suing to block the sale, claiming the titles actually belong to an irrevocable trust. I was pretty darn excited when […]

Shout! Factory Acquires Roger Corman’s Library of 270 B-Movies

Shout! Factory has snapped up the rights to 270 films from B-movie master Roger Corman. This deal will enable Shout! Factory to not only redistribute the films on Blu-ray, but also reboot certain titles into new films. Time for the million dollar Slumber Party Massacre reboot! More on the Shout! Factory Roger Corman Library deal below. […]

The Library of Congress will start limiting its Twitter archives in 2018

It doesn’t seem odd anymore that governments might want to save Twitter archives for historical purposes, what with all the attention our president gets for his contributions to the platform. The UK has been saving tweets and YouTube videos as historic media since 2014, while our own Library of Congress made it a practice since […]

Duolingo adds French and German to its short story library

Six months ago, language learning service Duolingo introduced new mini-morsels of content called Stories. They walked users through short tales that would ideally be more organic than scripted conversations. Today, the service announced it’s expanded beyond Spanish and Portuguese by adding 20 Stories each in French and German. Duolingo launched Stories as an experiment, as […]

Stunning Photographs of Well-Worn Library Books

Photographer Kerry Mansfield, who we first became aware of via Hyperallergic, makes photographic art out of library books and check-out cards, with a twist: she’s fascinated and compelled by the wear and tear placed upon them by passing years, and their passage from reader to reader. On her website, she notes that “each one was […]

Library of Congress Announces Additions to the National Film Registry

The Library of Congress has announced this year’s 25 selections for addition to the National Film Registry, its collection of motion pictures of “cultural, historic and/or aesthetic importance,” and it’s a very big day for that Twitter account dedicated solely to getting Die Hard on the list, because Die Hard is on the list. And […]

Marvel comics arrive in Hoopla’s public library app

Comic books are a brilliant medium, but keeping up with the latest releases can be expensive. If you live in the US, it’s worth checking out Hoopla; the service is supported by more than 1,500 public libraries, and offers free digital access to DC, Image and IDW titles. And starting today, another major publisher is […]