Discover Aleppo: Syria invites tourists to visit ancient city 2 years after liberation (VIDEO)

Video offering panoramic and aerial views of Aleppo has been released by the Syrian ministry of tourism in an apparent attempt to say that the country’s historic pearl is finally ready to receive visitors. The pitch comes almost two years after the Syrian army defeated jihadist rebel groups besieging the city in a series of […]

1 year of liberation: Mosul people living among rubble & dead bodies while ISIS still around

Dead bodies, ruined houses and the risk of Islamists coming back are only a few perils people in Mosul have to cope with. Life in the liberated city is still full of fears, hopelessness and grief, RT’s Ruptly agency revealed. It’s been a year since the US-backed Iraqi forces defeated Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) […]

‘You can smell the bodies’: Angelina Jolie in Mosul one year after ‘liberation’ by US-led coalition

Nearly a year after Mosul in Iraq was declared “liberated” from ISIS terrorists, UNHCR envoy Angelina Jolie said the stench of dead bodies buried under the rubble was still present, amid the “worst devastation” she has ever seen. “There are bodies in this rubble that stay here and you can smell the bodies and some […]

3 Russian journalists injured by gunfire as Douma militants disperse people celebrating liberation

Three Russian journalists have been injured in Syria’s eastern Ghouta when their bus came under small arms fire. All of them have received non-life threatening wounds, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The incident occurred when reporters were about to return from the Syrian town of Douma, the last militant-held stronghold in the eastern Ghouta […]

Is fractured Libya finally ‘ready for democracy’ almost 7yrs since NATO ‘liberation’? (DEBATE)

Almost 7 years since NATO’s intervention left Libya in shambles, the country’s military strongman says it is still “not yet ready for democracy.” RT’s guests debate whether the UN-backed elections could help unite Libyans. It took a multi-state NATO coalition seven months to bomb out Libya and topple Muammar Gaddafi after the United Nations Security […]

City of the dead: Mosul death toll continues to grow months after liberation (VIDEO)

RT Exclusive Published time: 25 Dec, 2017 05:53 The liberation of Mosul from ISIS came at a high cost, with the death toll continuing to rise as piles of civilian and terrorist corpses are pulled from the rubble daily, RT has discovered on a visit to the destroyed city. Mosul still reeks of death nearly […]

US disputes Pakistan story of American hostage’s liberation from Taliban-linked group

An American woman and her Canadian husband, along with their children, have been freed by Pakistani forces after five years of being held by the Taliban-linked Haqqani network. But conflicting stories have emerged as to how the rescue went down. Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle were freed on Wednesday by Pakistani forces. The Pakistani government […]

‘Destruction, not liberation’: US-led coalition spares no civilian lives in ISIS-held Raqqa siege

The US-led coalition’s bombing campaign is responsible for most civilian deaths inside ISIS-controlled Raqqa, a local journalist told RT, providing a rare look inside the devastated city, where the UN says residents are paying an “unacceptable” price. SDF militants, supported by the US-led coalition, launched the offensive in Raqqa province in November last year. In […]

ISIS vows fight to death as Iraqi military says Mosul just ‘meters’ from imminent liberation

Islamic State terrorists have vowed to “fight to the death” and are using civilians as human shields in Mosul as Iraqi forces make a final push to retake Iraq’s second-largest city. The US coalition said victory in Mosul is now “imminent.” “The battle has reached the phase of chasing the insurgents in remaining blocks,” the […]

Libyan strongman Haftar declares liberation of Benghazi from jihadists (VIDEOS)

Published time: 6 Jul, 2017 04:41 After more than three years of fighting, the self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA) has liberated Libya’s second-largest city from Islamist militants, General Khalifa Haftar announced on state TV, declaring a “new era of peace” in Benghazi. Several Islamist militant and jihadist cells belonging to the so-called Revolutionary Shura Council […]