New strong quake hits Indonesia, levels buildings – reports

Published time: 9 Aug, 2018 06:04 Edited time: 9 Aug, 2018 07:11 The devastated Indonesian island of Lombok was hit by a new shallow earthquake on Thursday, when a 6-magnitude tremor reportedly caused buildings to collapse and people to flee in panic. The quake damaged houses and sent people running into the streets, a spokesperson […]

Diabetes type 1: Drink this much apple juice to help maintain blood sugar levels

Diabetes type 1 sufferers could raise their blood sugar levels by drinking 150 millilitres of apple juice. That’s according to diabetes expert Dr David Cavan, who has over 20 years experience helping people with the condition. “One hundred and fifty millilitres of apple juice contains about 15 grams of sugar,” he told “That’s about […]

Jeff Minter interview: Tempest 4000 VR plans, tricky levels, and curry text explained

Jeff Minter has made great games for decades, but his reboot of Atari’s 1980 arcade game Tempest made him an international icon — and gave Atari a killer app for the “64-bit” Jaguar console. Now that Atari itself is rebooting, Minter has returned to give the company a crown jewel in the form of Tempest […]

Diabetes: Six times to measure your blood sugar levels

Diabetes type 1 sufferers need to control blood sugar levels to avoid complications. The condition is caused by the immune system attacking the pancreas, stopping it producing insulin and removing the body’s ability to control blood sugar. Symptoms of the condition include extreme thirst, hunger and unexplained weight loss. If blood sugar levels get too […]

Diabetes type 2: You may only need to walk this long to lower blood sugar levels

Diabetes type 2 sufferers could lower their blood sugar by walking for 12 minutes, a diabetes expert has claimed. Dr David Cavan, a diabetes consultant with over 20 years experience and published author, said sufferers “underestimate the impact of exercise”. “At the diabetes centre we do a gentle walk for 12 minutes to reduce blood […]