Fimbul Lets You Fight Through Norse Mythology’s Apocalyptic Winter

Given a certain movie that released last year, you might be familiar with Ragnarok, the end-times of Norse Mythology, the apocalyptic battle that kills god and monster alike. But before the battle rages, winter comes, the titular fimbulwinter destined to wipe out life on earth. It’s during this raging final storm that Fimbul takes place, […]

Now there’s a tool that lets you try different eyebrow styles without having to pluck

Benefit Cosmetics launched its Brow Try-On service this month to much fanfare. The augmented reality tool lets people virtually try on different brow types before getting waxed or plucked. The tool actually detects the user’s eyebrow hair and duplicates it for a realistic eyebrow transformation.   Everyone seems to have a waxing or plucking experience […]

MonkeyMedia’s BodyNav lets you navigate VR without getting sick

Motion sickness is one of the challenges holding back virtual reality from reaching larger audiences. And MonkeyMedia, a small tech firm in Austin, Texas, believes it has solved the problem with BodyNav, a way to navigate VR in a natural way. BodyNav doesn’t rely on using a handheld game controller or hand controls for movement. […]

Phillip Schofield leaves Jeff Hordley speechless as he lets slip Emmerdale secret on air

The actor, who plays Cain Dingle in the long-running ITV series, could be seen covering his face in embarrassment after the presenter dished details of the storyline on air.  Speaking about filming emotional scenes, Phillip noted: “Well Cain doesn’t cry very often.  “And we had Sharon Marshall, who obviously does our soaps, one of the […]

Stunt Corgi VR Lets You Build Death-Defying Courses For Your Pup

Virtual reality and stunt design come together quite nicely in Stunt Corgi VR. Players can place down tons of various obstacles and objects to build a challenging stage for their courageous partner. The stage, choreography and wardrobe is yours to control! Stunt Corgi VR offers many props to experiment with and enjoy with its course-building […]

Google now lets you mute pushy ‘reminder ads’ when shopping online

We’ve all been there: browsing an online store for a new lawnmower or a pair of shoes, and before you complete the transaction you decide to pull the ripcord and shop elsewhere. But the original ecommerce store really wants you to complete your purchase, so it starts serving you reminder ads to tempt you back. While such […]

Iconoclasts Lets You Speak Softly And Carry A Big Wrench

You’d think that a game you’ve been anticipating ever since it was announced ages ago would somehow disappoint, no matter what. These things just cannot be measured against the giant expectations that have been building up over the years, they simply cannot be that good as you want them to be. And yet, here we […]