Action-Roguelite ‘Wayward Souls’ Lets You Share Your Gravestone With Friends

Wayward Souls is an action RPG with a story to tell – or rather one different story for each of its seven playable characters. Driven towards the dungeon delving life out of different motivations, you start your adventure in a dark, dank cellar and make your way upwards, hacking and slashing and collecting coins. And […]

First Person Platformer ‘The Free Ones’ Lets You Soar Through The Skies

As a forced laborer escaping from an island, first-person platformer The Free Ones has you swinging all over the place with your trusty hookshot. While the game attempts to create an interesting narrative out of your predicament, the main draw of The Free Ones is its wide open spaces and physics-defying movement. Your hookshot attaches […]

This Sci-Fi Tool Lets You Shine a Light on the Brain

Famed neuroscientist and Nobel laureate Santiago Ramón y Cajal believed that in the central nervous system (CNS) — the brain and spine — nerves don’t regenerate. It was a dismal proclamation but one that held for nearly 100 years. Until now. The CNS puzzle, Ramón y Cajal admitted then, belonged to future scientists. Today, optogenetics, […]

Roguelike MidBoss Lets Players Celebrate Pride As They Become A Dungeon Boss

MidBoss, the challenging roguelike where you help a lowly imp possess fallen foes, taking their powers until you’re strong enough to become the final boss, has begun to do some neat in-game events, the first of which aims to let you show a little LGBT Pride with its death cards for a limited time. MidBoss‘ […]

The Army’s newest non-lethal weapon basically lets soldiers shoot enemies in the face with hot sauce

Andrew Burton/Reuters The Army has a new non-lethal weapon to help soldiers in Afghanistan “irritate and deter” potential adversaries, Army Times reports.  The weapon fires paintball-like projectiles filled with a hot pepper solution. The projectiles have a range of around 50 yards and leave a “debilitating cloud,” impacting the eyes, nose and respiratory system. Weapons like […]

‘Objects In Space’ Lets Players Customize Their Starship For Trade, Stealth, Or Piracy

Objects in Space gives you your own starship and a galaxy to explore, picking up trade jobs, hiding from organized criminals, dodging shifty governments, or robbing shady captains as you see fit. Just take some time to tweak your ship’s build depending on what you want to do, though, as not all ships are created […]

Multiplayer Pinball Game ‘Kabounce’ Lets Players Guide The Silver Ball

Kabounce will have you pinging all over a map of bumpers and flippers, bouncing off of every surface as fast as you can in order to shift the objects in the field to your color by smashing into them, and keeping your opponents from doing the same by smashing into them. Up to four players […]

Let’s Go Pikachu hands-on — the Pokémon version of a bunny slope

PREVIEW: Before I played Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this week in Los Angeles, I was worried this reimagining of the originals wouldn’t be for me. Let’s Go Pikachu and its counterpart, Let’s Go Eevee, come out for the Switch on November 16. Let’s Go is meant to bridge the gap […]