Leftists slam ‘Three Bullets for Lenin’ memorial coin as terrorist propaganda

A Russian leftist party has officially addressed the Federal Investigative Committee with a request to stop the production and sale of memorial coins minted in honor of the woman who almost managed to kill Vladimir Lenin in 1918. The Communists of Russia party addressed the federal law enforcement agency for dealing with especially serious crime, […]

Far-right protesters and leftists around the world hit the streets for May Day — take a look at the dramatic protests

REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov May Day, celebrated on the first day of May every year, has long been a symbolic day for workers’ rights around the world. But May Day 2018 turned out to be a day of violent clashes between police and protesters, as both left-wing and right-wing activists took to the streets with fire and […]

German police raid on two people suspected of plotting assassinations of leftists

German police have raided the apartments and workplaces of two suspects, who were allegedly planning to assassinate left-wing politicians and activists. Their motive was fear of a state-wide crisis provoked by what they saw as “failed” refugee policy. The German Federal Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against two people suspected of planning “a violent act […]