SpaceX cutting 10 percent of its staff to become a leaner company

Enlarge / Elon Musk, chief of SpaceX, made the decision to cut 10 percent of his workforce. (credit: FilmMagic/FilmMagic for HBO) SpaceX will lay off up to 10 percent of its work force, the company said Friday evening. The company characterized the job cuts as “a strategic realignment,” designed to ensure it is positioned to […]

The Walking Dead season 8, episode 1 recap: Leaner, meaner premiere sets the stage for war

Mercy – the season premiere – also served as the show’s 100th episode, and writers used the milestone to mark a fresh start after the much-maligned season seven. Last year, critics complained about slow pacing, boring “bottle” episodes and an overall bleak outlook, but ahead of season eight the cast and crew have been promising […]

Android’s ‘instant’ apps are now leaner and faster

Right now, Google’s instant Android apps don’t quite live up to their billing. Google has to load support for every possible device, which can slow down access to the app and chew up valuable space. That shouldn’t be an issue going forward. Google has updated its instant app programming kit to let developers give you […]

Twitter Lite is a faster, leaner mobile web version of Twitter

Twitter has introduced a new, speedier version of its site for the mobile web and dubbed it Twitter Lite. Focused on emerging markets and users in environments with unreliable connectivity, Twitter Lite takes up less than a megabyte and comes with a further data saver mode that blurs images and videos until they’re tapped. Twitter […]

American shale is stronger, leaner and smarter than ever before

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson Over the past two years, American shale oil producers have suffered. The low price environment destroyed returns, bankrupted weak companies, and abruptly halted the shale revolution; geographically, most of shale production shriveled to a mere handful of counties. With lower oil prices, the exuberance of 2012- 2014 was finally reigned in. The price […]