Lamborghinis lined the street outside a massive NYC cryptocurrency conference, but it turns out they were only staged rentals

Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images Lamborghinis were spotted parked outside New York’s blockchain conference Consensus this week. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts (and others) have long revered the Lamborghini as an aspirational symbol of wealth. But it turns out that the Lamborghinis in question didn’t actually belong to any of the attendees: They were staged rentals. Lamborghinis have long been […]

Sliding with the Bulls: We Survive Lamborghini’s Winter Accademia

– Generally speaking, it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slowly. But after spending a whole day driving Lamborghinis on a frozen lake about two hours northeast of Montreal, Quebec, we’ve had to rethink that. Indeed, driving a Lamborghini Huracán or an Aventador on a frozen lake in Canada […]

Sliding with the Bulls: We Survive Lamborghini’s Winter Accademia


Moonlambos sells Lamborghinis for Bitcoin to help gilded cryptocurrency generation spend its windfall

The crypto currency boom is creating a new gilded generation of super wealthy who were savvy enough to snap up Bitcoin early on. Now these fortunate sons and daughters of the virtual currency age are faced with a gigantic, unsympathetic problem: How to spend their wealth? Enter Moonlambos. The London-based service has connected with autodealers […]

What it’s like to speed around a track in Lamborghini’s new flagship supercar – the Aventador S

When Lamborghini invites you to speed around a race track in their new Aventador S, you say yes. Transportation reporter Benjamin Zhang walks us through his experience of driving the supercar around Pocono Raceway.  Complete with a 6.5-liter V12, 740 horsepower, and innovative rear-wheel steering, this beast has a lot to offer.    Feedburner

Lamborghini’s raging Huracan Performante storms its way into Geneva

Automakers often use teaser images and clips to hype up a new product introduction before the grand reveal, but Lamborghini decided to kick things up a notch. Last week, the Italian supercar manufacturer sent its most extreme Huracan, the Performante, around the famed Nürburgring for a record lap. The result was a blistering time of […]

Lamborghini’s Urus SUV will be a game-changer for the company — here’s why

Lamborghini The COO of Lamborghini makes no bones about what an SUV will mean for the exotic Italian automaker. “It’s going to change the landscape of the company,” Alessandro Farmeschi told Business Insider when we sat down at the Detroit auto show last month. When the Lamborghini Urus goes on sale later this year, it will enable Lambo […]

Lamborghini’s Huracan Performante will rewrite the rules of aerodynamics

Lamborghini told Digital Trends it will introduce the Huracan Performante at the Geneva Auto Show. The model will usher in a breakthrough in aerodynamic technology that has never been used on a street-legal model before. The post Lamborghini's Huracan Performante will rewrite the rules of aerodynamics appeared first on Digital Trends. Cars–Digital Trends