UN warns 500,000 malnourished children around Lake Chad risk dying

The UN warned Friday that half a million severely malnourished children around Africa’s Lake Chad need life-saving assistance. The top UN aid chiefs for the countries straddling the lake – Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon – said in Geneva that funding was desperately needed. Nearly a decade after the insurgency by Boko Haram jihadists plunged […]

Carlisle Lake District Airport inaugural flights DELAYED following shortage of staff

The announcement that flights from Carlisle Lake District Airport would connect the region to the rest of the UK pleased many people who lived in the local area. Flights with Loganair were to fly to Dublin, Belfast, and London on June 4. The inaugural flights have since been delayed due to a shortage of air […]

Intel makes its first 10nm Cannon Lake chips official

Intel’s transition to building processors on a 10nm manufacturing process has been delayed repeatedly. Once upon a time, the company said that it’d go into mass production at the end of 2015; with its most recent financial results, the company pushed that back, again, to 2019. But Intel has also said that, although the yields […]

Google Earth: Spooky symbol spotted in the Great Salt Lake – is it a message from BEYOND?

Created to bring word travel to the general public, Google Earth allows users to search the globe in a few clicks of a button.  Using footage collected by satellites, the entire world can be viewed from thousands of miles away. From the snowy scenes in Antartica to the great open desert plains of Death Valley […]

Google Earth: Mysterious blood-red lake captured in Baghdad – could it be blood?

In a bid to make world exploration accessible to the general public, Google Earth launched in 2001 with a 3D picture of the globe created by satellites.  Since then, virtual exploration technology has advanced with satellite footage capturing the world in incredible detail. Unlike the Google Map’s street view tool, Google Earth captures the world […]

Lake Lucerne's glacial waters will guide you through the perfect Swiss break

GETTY Lake Lucerne’s calm waters made for the perfect short break Perhaps he’s one of the fishermen who recently complained to the council. Its glacier-fed waters are simply too clean, they say. In other lakes, rubbish such as old food produces algae which fish eat. But these days, Lucerne’s fish apparently look rather skinny. As […]

‘Under the Silver Lake’ Trailer: Andrew Garfield Follows the Girl Who Got Away in Wacky Neo-Noir

After his breakout success with It Follows, it would not have been a surprise if director David Robert Mitchell rode the wave of critical acclaim with another high-concept horror film. Instead, Mitchell has delivered a wacky, surreal neo-noir. The first Under the Silver Lake trailer is a kooky ride, featuring Andrew Garfield playing against type as an awkward deadbeat […]

Swan Lake: St Petersburg Ballet brings Russian spectacular to London stage this summer

It is one of the newest ballet companies in the world but combines classical Russian training with sensational modern attack. The Company’s 2015 international season was a total sell out with over 25,000 seats sold. The 2018 season is strictly limited and takes place from August 22-26. The St Petersburg Ballet Theatre are set to […]

In Salt Lake City, suburban sprawl is bad news for climate change

Enlarge (credit: Garrett / Flickr) Over the past few years, momentum has been building to make cities a focus of climate change action. “Although they cover less than 2 percent of the earth’s surface, cities consume 78 percent of the world’s energy,” reports the UN, “and produce more than 60 percent of all carbon dioxide […]

Does a Ticking Time Bomb Lurk Beneath Lake Powell?

Each year, some 3 million visitors are drawn to Lake Powell, a massive artificial body of water that straddles the Utah-Arizona border. Below gleaming red-rock cliffs, the reservoir is busy with Jet Skis, motorboats and luxurious houseboats that resemble floating Winnebagos. Out of sight but a crucial part of this iconic picture are Westerners who […]