Emmerdale spoilers: Lachlan White EXIT confirmed after Rebecca reveals truth?

Rebecca (played by Emily Head) had been lying in a coma for several weeks following the tragic car crash which killed her sister Chrissie (Louise Marwood) and father Lawrence. However, now that Rebecca is out of her coma, it could trigger the end of Lachlan White’s (Thomas Atkinson) time in the soap. The truth about […]

Emmerdale spoilers: Lachlan White VS Rebecca White – who will leave after THIS bombshell?

Last night’s instalment of the ITV soap saw Rebecca White (played by Emily Head) wake from her coma following the car crash caused by Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) which killed both Chrissie (Louise Marwood) and Lawrence White (John Bowe). While Lachlan has been rallying the support from his neighbours and girlfriend Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), Rebecca’s […]

Emmerdale spoilers: Rebecca White to expose Lachlan as she wakes up from coma?

In the coming episodes of Emmerdale, Rebecca (played by Emily Head) will attempt to recover her memory after she wakes up from a coma. The mother-of-one has been on a life support machine since her nephew Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) crashed the White’s family car, killing both Chrissie and Lawrence White. Now, newly released images show […]

Emmerdale spoilers: Viewers spot HUGE error as Lachlan squeezes Rebecca's breathing tube

After the funeral for Chrissie and Lawrence White, who were both killed in a car crash earlier this month, Lachlan (played by Thomas Atkinson) rushed to the hospital to murder his aunt Rebecca (Emily Head). In last night’s episode, Lachlan was seen behaving erratically after discovering Gerry Roberts (Shaun Thomas) listened to the incriminating voicemail […]

Emmerdale spoilers: Lachlan White to KILL Gerry to protect his secret in sinister twist?

Lachlan (who is played by Thomas Atkinson) has been on edge ever since he discovered Gerry (Shaun Thomas) may have a voicemail on his phone, which proves he caused the devastating crash that killed Chrissie and Lawrence. In a tantalising spoiler clip, Lachlan can be seen picking up Gerry’s phone delivery in a bid to […]

Emmerdale Street spoilers: Lachlan gets a NASTY surprise after the police return his phone

In a preview clip for tonight’s show, the police will return a few items to Lachlan (played by Thomas Atkinson) that were recovered from the wreckage after the White family got into a terrible car crash. At The Woolpack, Lachlan searches through a parcel which contains his family’s belongings before his on-off girlfriend Belle Dingle […]

Emmerdale spoilers: Lachlan White to kill again? Thomas Atkinson shares chilling warning

Viewers were horrified when the White family car ploughed into an oncoming lorry after Lachlan (played by Thomas Atkinson) grabbed the steering wheel.  Now, the youngster who is wracked with guilt could be set kill Rebecca (Emily Head) as he tries to keep his involvement in the crash a secret.  Rebecca is currently in a […]

Emmerdale spoilers: Viewers make shock U-turn after Lachlan KILLS mum Chrissie

The incredible car crash shown during tonight’s double bill brought about the demise of two members of the family.  The events followed the family’s decision to flee Emmerdale village in favour of Australia. But when Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) took baby Seb, the White family piled into a car and raced after him, in a […]

Emmerdale spoilers: Lachlan White's fate sealed – Here’s the evidence you missed

The pair had been chasing after Robert Sugden (played by Robert Hawley) who had run off with baby Seb, with Rebecca (Emily Head) and Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) also in the jeep.  As they sped after Robert, Lachlan began to tell his mother Chrissie (Louise Marwood) what he thought of her, branding her a “monster”.  The […]

Emmerdale spoilers: Viewers spot 'STUPID' blunder in White family plot amid Lachlan twist

Fans remember that last month the unhinged Lachlan White (played by Thomas Atkinson) hid in the attic of his family home in a carefully orchestrated plan to seek his revenge during Robert Sugden’s (Ryan Hawley) simultaneous plot to bring everyone down.  Tonight finally saw Chrissie White (Louise Marwood) discover the truth about her son’s secret […]