‘Labour’s Starmer may have just cost his party the next election’ – George Galloway

Former Labour MP George Galloway has told RT that Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer’s announcement that his party must retain the option of another public vote on Brexit “may have just cost Labour the next election.” Galloway was responding to Starmer statement to Labour members at the party’s annual conference, in which he said all […]

Exclusive: EU officials have privately rejected Labour’s Brexit policy as unworkable ‘cakeism’

REUTERS/Olivier Hoslet/Pool EXCLUSIVE: Senior EU figures have privately rubbished Labour’s Brexit policy. The shadow Brexit team is committed to retaining all of the benefits of the single market while negotiating a deal on the free movement of people. However,  a senior official in the European Commission told Business Insider that Labour’s plan to leave the […]

Exclusive: Labour’s trade chief suggests party will have to back May’s final Brexit deal

REUTERS/Darren Staples EXCLUSIVE: Labour’s Barry Gardiner suggested the party should back May’s final Brexit deal, even if they don’t agree with it. Gardiner warned a meeting in Brussels last week that Britain will crash out of the European Union with no deal if either Westminster or European Parliament rejects the final deal. Labour’s official policy […]

Labour’s 'TERF' war: Mass walkout threats over transgender acceptance

A radical feminist group in Labour is threatening to leave, after the party announced it would be backing trans people standing on women-only shortlists. The policy looks set to ignite larger divisions over gender recognition. The UK Labour Party has been papering over an internal rupture over whether or not transgender people can stand for […]

Transgender model who claimed ‘all white people are racist' is Labour’s new equality adviser

A transgender model who branded white people “racist” has been chosen as Labour’s new equalities adviser. The party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, has selected Munroe Bergdorf to work with its LGBT+ advisory group. The 30-year-old model, from east London, revealed the news on Twitter. Posing next to Corbyn, she wrote: “Thrilled to announce that I’ve […]

‘You’re right – we are dangerous… to the few,’ Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn tells Morgan Stanley

Published time: 1 Dec, 2017 09:03 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn launched a scathing attack on “greedy” Morgan Stanley after it said a government under his leadership would be more damaging to financial markets than Brexit. He said Labour is indeed a threat, but only to the few. In a video posted on his official YouTube […]

Labour’s election manifesto: What it means for UK tech

The UK has entered election season, which means it’s time for all of the major political parties to cough up their manifestos. Today it was Labour’s turn to put forward its proposed vision, which includes better broadband access, more investment in renewable energy and a renewed effort to tackle cybercrime. Most of these ideas are […]

BBC failed to challenge Tory ‘lies,’ says Labour’s McDonnell (VIDEO)

Published time: 3 May, 2017 16:28 Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell slammed the BBC’s lack of judgement over the Conservatives “absolute lies.” McDonnell came on BBC Radio 4’s Today program on Wednesday morning to comment on the Tories’ latest campaign stunt, which equated Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-war stance to a debt “bombshell.” Launching a […]