Star Wars 9 leaks: ‘Kylo Ren and Rey lightsaber battle’ with THIS big twist in Episode IX

In just six days fans should get their first official look at Episode IX. The Star Wars 9 panel at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago next Friday is expected to unveil the first teaser trailer or footage. After The Last Jedi denied fans the sight of a single (real) lightsaber battle, will the final film in the main franchise deliver […]

Star Wars 9 teaser trailer leak: ‘EMOTIONAL scenes’, Rey, Lando, Kylo and Knights of Ren

In two weeks, Star Wars Celebration in Chicago is expected to unveil the first Episode IX footage. Whether this will be a polished trailer or a selection of scens and images in not yet known. Most observers suspect there will be no shots of Luke, keeping the revelation of how exactly the fallen Jedi master […]

Star Wars 9 leak: Reylo HEARTBREAK – Devastating Kylo Ren and Rey end scene revealed?

The Last Jedi backlash divided fans in more ways than one. Certainly the building Reylo relationship has as many people shipping the feuding pair as it does those who are horrified at the prospect. Whether or not a romantic outcome materialises (along with persistent rumours they have a child) it is clear the storylines of […]

Star Wars 9 leak: Kylo Ren and a NEW superweapon? Fans are NOT impressed

We had a Death Star. Then another Death Star. Then a Death Star by another name, Star Killer Base. Is the franchise really going to bring it all to a grand finale with yet another planet-destroying weapon? As more leaks and reports continue to emerge from the Episoed 9 production, there has been a new […]

Star Wars 9 leaks reveal Kylo Ren's hidden base and TWO biggest fears

The First Order was never anything like the old Empire. Under the previous Supreme Leader Snoke it was a rebel force with no (known) home planet or base. Snoke even had his throne room on the Mega Star Destroyer Supremacy. Now that the First Order is the most powerful force in the galaxy, it seems […]

Star Wars 9 leak: Kylo Ren and Rey 'intimate' scenes confirm REYLO hopes? Do fans want it?

There was a time when it seemed obvious that Kylo Ren and Rey were heading for another very weird Star Wars flirtation. The main obstacle was the initial conviction that Rey was a Skywalker and at least Kylo’s cousin (if not his secret sister). Despite The Force Awakens mirroring of A New Hope this has […]

Star Wars 9 leak: New scene with Kylo Ren and THIS character: Is this Rey's MOTHER?

Yes, Kylo devastated Rey (and millions of fans) when he spat out the shock news her parents were: “Filthy junk traders who sold you on for drinking money. They’re dead. In a pauper’s grave in the Jakku desert.” Having been lead to believe a major revelation was coming, this was one of the major catalysts […]

‘Star Wars’ director says Kylo Ren and Rey touching hands in ‘The Last Jedi’ is the closest thing to a sex scene that ‘Star Wars’ will ever have

Disney/Lucafilm “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” had a steamy moment between Rey and Kylo Ren. The pair hold hands using the Force, though they never physically touch. Speaking at SXSW, director Rian Johnson said the scene is probably “the closest thing we’ll get to a sex scene in a ‘Star Wars’ movie.” “Star Wars” fans […]

Star Wars 9: Daisy Ridley reveals BIG Kylo Ren teaser? ‘He thinks he’s doing right’

Star Wars: The Last Jedi followed Rey (Ridley) as she tried to bring Kylo (Adam Driver) back from the Dark Side – to no avail. In fact, Kylo ended the movie at his darkest point yet – seeming to fully embrace darkness. But is there still hope for him? In a new interview, Ridley has […]