Escaping Occupied Kuwait: History's Largest Air Evacuation

Eight-year-old Viju Cherian went to sleep in Kuwait City on Aug. 1, 1990, excited about a friend’s birthday party the next day. By the time he woke up the next morning, though, the party had been called off. Kuwait was under occupation, and the only people celebrating were Iraqi soldiers, young men in olive fatigues […]

Meet the One-Stop Shop Queen of Kuwait

Throughout her young life, Noor Al Qatami’s father groomed her to take over his steel company in Kuwait. She graduated from Bentley University in Boston with a business degree, specializing in team management and likely would have excelled at the role. But Al-Qatami Steel couldn’t match the allure of Target. Having spent considerable time abroad, […]

Kuwait Airways can refuse service to Israelis – German court

Published time: 16 Nov, 2017 18:51 A German court has ruled that Kuwait Airways did not have to transport an Israeli passenger – as the carrier would have faced legal repercussions in its home country if it had done so. The ruling, made Thursday by a Frankfurt court, noted that Kuwait’s national airline is not […]

Kuwait battles oil spill in Persian Gulf close to popular summer beaches (VIDEO)

The Kuwaiti authorities are working to contain an oil spill that has tarred the beaches and left long black slicks in the area of Ras al-Zour, but activists have accused it of covering up the full scale of the damage. On Saturday, the government announced that boats and crews were dispatched to drop containment booms […]

New $770mn Kuwait opera house goes up in flames (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Kuwait’s brand new opera house caught fire Monday, just three months after it opened its doors to the public. The $ 770 million building went up in flames during maintenance work on its titanium roof, according to the Kuwait fire department. Local media reports that there were no injuries from the fire. The opera house, […]