North Koreans have been hiding their identities to evade sanctions

The US Department of the Treasury recently warned IT companies and individuals that individuals from North Korea are using fake online information in order to win employment for technology projects. These individuals often hide behind businesses that are nominally Chinese owned, but often are completely controlled and managed by North Koreans. The Treasury Department specifically […]

From smoking a ‘peace pipe’ with the North Koreans to Jared Kushner getting stuck in security — here are Trump’s best jokes from his roast at the Gridiron dinner

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik The Gridiron Club and Foundation, a charitable journalistic organization, hosted its 133rd anniversary dinner at The Renaissance Washington Hotel on Saturday. President Donald Trump gave a joke-filled speech to members of the press and many top members of his administration who were in attendance. Here are the best jokes from Trump’s speech, […]

US State Department official gives a slam-dunk response to a shadowy North Korean’s visit to South Korea

Lee Dong-Hun-Pool/Getty Images A high-ranking North Korean official’s upcoming visit to South Korea spurred a decisive statement from a US State Department official. Kim Yong-chol, North Korea’s former intelligence chief, is scheduled to visit South Korea on Sunday. His visit is marked with controversy due to North Korea’s previous provocations. A high-ranking North Korean official’s […]

Koreans want duo booted

Video Koreans want duo booted0:57 Winter Olympics: Koreans want pair who blamed their third skater for losing, to be thrown off the team February 22nd 2018 2 minutes ago /display/ news and galleries/More Sports/ More Sports Jinder Mahal gives a “Roode Awakening”4:23 February 21st 2018 17 hours ago /display/ news and galleries/More Sports/ AJ Styles […]

Pyongyang urges all Koreans to jointly ‘smash’ any challenges to reunification

Pyongyang has warned third parties against fueling tensions and interfering in the inter-Korean reconciliation process, claiming it is making a “great effort” to reunify the peninsula against the backdrop of US nuclear threat. “We will courageously smash all of the challenges of the nation’s desire for reunification,” the government statement carried by KCNA reads. “Let […]

South Korea’s president drops in polls as few support plan to include North Koreans on Olympic team

Shutterstock South Korea’s President Moon Jae In’s popularity has dipped after a series of political dust-ups and disapproval of including North Koreans in South Korean Olympic endeavors. South Korean and North Korean women will compete in hockey, with the North Korean athletes being included in the game for political reasons, rather than their merit as […]

Affluent North Koreans are using Uber-like taxis on demand

ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images On-demand taxis are gaining traction in North Korea. This popularity is driven by the country’s growing consumer class. In turn, taxis have become highly lucrative and being a driver is one of the country’s most sought after jobs. On-demand taxis are gaining popularity among wealthier customers across North Korea. According to Daily […]

South Koreans have stayed calm about the threat of war — now they’re getting worried

REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji While tensions between the US and North Korea have escalated this year, South Koreans have largely remained calm. Some people believe South Koreans are in a state of denial. A lot of South Koreans have suppressed their fear of another Korean War, a psychiatrist said, because deep down they “feel helpless.” Woo Seung-yep […]

‘No Trump, no war’: 1,000s of South Koreans rally for peace ahead of US president’s visit

Published time: 5 Nov, 2017 14:35 Edited time: 5 Nov, 2017 14:37 Thousands of South Koreans flocked to streets of Seoul to demand peace with North Korea and protest the upcoming visit by US President Donald Trump, on his first Asian tour. “We oppose war!” around 5,000 protesters chanted in central Seoul, waving banners and […]