North Korea is committed to a summit with Trump and ‘complete denuclearization,’ South Korea’s president says

South Korea Presidential Blue House/Yonhap via Associated Press South Korea’s president said Saturday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is committed to a US summit and “complete denuclearization.” South Korean President Moon Jae-in met Kim at the border on Saturday to discuss the summit, which was canceled by Trump the previous day. Trump said […]

Trump says he's having 'very productive talks' with N. Korea on reinstating summit

US President Donald Trump says “very productive talks” are underway with North Korea on holding the June 12 summit in Singapore. Talks on reinstating the meeting came within 24 hours of Trump’s previously abrupt cancellation. In a tweet, Trump confirmed that if the elusive meetup with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un does happen, it will […]

Watch North Korea destroy Punggye-ri nuclear testing site (VIDEO)

The first video of the demolition of North Korea’s nuclear testing site at Punggye-ri shows tunnels in the mountainside being buried in rubble. The site was destroyed ahead of a planned summit in Singapore, now canceled by the US. The three operational tunnels at the site were demolished along with the accompanying structures, according to […]

Trump canceled his summit with Kim Jong Un while US and international journalists were still in North Korea

Associated Press President Donald Trump canceled his much-awaited summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Thursday while about 30 international journalists, including many US citizens, were still in the country.  Trump pointed to the “tremendous anger and open hostility” in recent North Korean statements as cause for his cancellation. North Korea is known to […]

North Korea claps back at Mike Pence’s ‘ignorant and stupid remarks,’ leaving summit with the US hanging by a thread

Spencer Platt/Getty Images A senior North Korean official forcefully condemned comments that US Vice President Mike Pence made recently during an interview with Fox News. Pence reignited concerns over the US’s strategy for upcoming diplomatic talks with North Korea on Monday, after suggesting the North could end up like Libya if it doesn’t agree to […]

RT arrives in N. Korea to witness closure of Punggye-ri nuclear test site (VIDEO)

After a two-hour charter flight from Beijing, RT’s Igor Zhdanov and a small team of international journalists have arrived in North Korea, where they will witness Pyongyang close its only nuclear test site at Punggye-ri.  After Tuesday night’s trip to the nuclear site was called off, the team is staying in the resort city of […]

PICTURES: North Korea new holiday resort for tourists – would you dare visit?

North Korea is not the most popular holiday destination for UK travellers, despite it not currently being prohibited by the government. This could soon change with images showing a new holiday resort being built by the country. Found on the eastern coast of the country is the Wonsan-Kalma peninsular, which is where the renovations are taking […]

Meet the last 3 Americans detained by North Korea, who were just released

Ahn Young-joon/AP The Trump administration just secured the release of the last three American detainees in North Korea, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter on Wednesday.  Pyongyang seemingly agreed to their release in relation to an impending summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump regarding the rogue state’s nuclear […]

Trump’s approval ratings get a positive bump as more Americans believe his approach to North Korea is working

Brynn Anderson/AP President Donald Trump’s approach in handling North Korea may be alleviating worries of a potential conflict. Fifty-one percent of Americans approve of Trump’s approach to the regime, up nine points from March and 17 points from January. Despite the historical circumstance of the planned meeting between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong […]

A chain-smoking Kim Jong Un was seen having just one cigarette break during the hourslong Korea summit — and his wife may have had something to do with it

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, a habitual smoker, was seen smoking just once during the inter-Korean summit. Some South Korean officials theorize Kim had refrained from public smoking after considering the symbolism of the summit and out of respect for South Korean President Moon Jae-in. During a previous dinner, Kim reportedly received a light-hearted […]