Trump dunks on billionaire GOP mega-donor Charles Koch for worrying about foreign workers

President Donald Trump slammed billionaire GOP mega donor Charles Koch for expressing concern for foreign workers hurt by Trump’s trade war. Koch said Trump’s policies hurt foreign workers, and Trump agreed, saying he put “AMERICA FIRST.” Trump’s latest attack on Koch plays off his previous one, in which he called him a “globalist.” Trump has […]

The 31-year-old Koch heir suing his ex-fiancée over a $250,000 ring is known as ‘king of the wild pants’ and plays tennis at Mar-a-Lago

Wyatt Ingraham/Youtube Wyatt Koch is suing Ivie Gabrielle Slocumb, his former fiancée, to retrieve a $ 250,000 engagement ring, The Daily Mail reported. Koch is the son of the billionaire William Koch. He runs a fashion brand in Palm Beach. A broken engagement is almost always a source of pain, disappointment, and turmoil for those […]

The Koch brothers are reportedly backing a Time Inc. and Meredith deal

Reuters/Brendan McDermid Time Inc. is said to be in talks with Meredith Corp. to sell itself. The potential deal is reportedly backed by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch. The Koch brothers have tentatively agreed to support Meredith’s offer by investing more than $ 500 million, according to a New York Times report. (Reuters) – […]

What the Koch Brothers’ Seeming Financial Gain From ‘Wonder Woman’ Says About Film Criticism

Was Wonder Woman a radical feminist movie? Was it another politically underwhelming work of white feminism? Was it zionist propaganda? Was Dunkirk a brutal anti-war statement or an expensive jingoistic poem? Will Ready Player One be a narcissistic male nerd fantasy or a comment on the corporatizing of the mind? All of the arguments about […]