Canada first? Marc Kennedy thinks we're exporting too much curling knowledge

THUNDER BAY, ONT. — Marc Kennedy is back in the place he refers to as "home" — a curling rink. And yet he's never felt as far away from the pebbled sheets as he does right now, sitting on some scaffolding inside the Tournament Centre holding an iPad.  This week in Thunder Bay, Kennedy is […]

BBC News: Sally Nugent stunned by Dan Walker’s awkward knowledge challenge live on air

The 47-year-old television reporter was sharing a story with football fans when her knowledge of the topic was called into question by her BBC Breakfast co-host Dan Walker. Discussing the latest news, Sally seemed thrown when Dan, 41, queried whether her assumption of a world first in football was correct. Sally began: “Now being president […]

The Saturday Briefing: Knowledge Is Power

EUROPE: In 1975, Britain voted to stay in (Image: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images) CAN you tell me what happened to Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake, Corporal Radar O’Reilly and Major Frank Burns after they left M*A*S*H*? Why did they leave? June Thompson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne  I PRESUME you are asking what happened to the actors who portrayed those […]

Trump reportedly knew about Michael Cohen’s $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels long before he denied any knowledge of it

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters President Donald Trump reportedly knew about the $ 130,000 payment his longtime personal attorney made to adult film star Stormy Daniels, long before he denied any knowledge of it, The New York Times reports. The transaction took place in October 2016, just before the presidential election. It was not immediately clear exactly when […]

‘Fahrenheit 451’ Trailer: Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

A full trailer for HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 has arrived, full of plenty of neon, flames and shots of Michael B Jordan and Michael Shannon looking super intense. Watch the Fahrenheit 451 trailer below. 99 Homes director Ramin Bahrani brings Ray Bradbury’s classic novel Fahrenheit 451 to HBO, and here’s the full trailer to prove it. This looks intense, and it also […]

Has Ivanka Trump revealed secret to Donald Trump’s hair? Shock book claims style knowledge

Donald Trump, 71, is the subject of an explosive new book, Fire and Fury, which claims to have had access to a number of inside sources from his presidency. One of the secrets the author Michael Wolff claims to reveal is that of the President’s hair. And the tricks he employs to keep his blonde […]

LG and Here help self-driving cars share their knowledge

Self-driving cars clearly stand to benefit from sharing data — you want your car to know about traffic jams before you’re stuck in gridlock. And LG knows it. The tech giant is partnering with Here on a next-gen communications hub for nearly or completely autonomous cars. Here’s location info will help LG share a car’s […]

Police can request your DNA without your knowledge or consent via ancestry websites

Published time: 18 Nov, 2017 16:21 Sending a sample of your DNA through the post may seem like a harmless and novel way of tracing your ancestry, and millions of Americans have already done so, but there is a more sinister side to this relatively new enterprise. If you’re suspected of a crime police can, […]