The Meg: Scientist destroys THESE big mistakes 'It goes against everything we know'

The movie is about Jason Statham’s attempts to stop the rampage of an 18-metre long megalodon; a huge and ferocious species that roamed the seas 20 million years ago. Of course in real life they’re long extinct, but the film suggests that a small number are still alive off the coast of China. Hans Sues, […]

'Truth gets lost in their stories, which people have right to know' – fmr CIA analyst on CNN scandal

Commenting on the scandal around CNN’s Trump and Russia coverage, former CIA analyst and whistleblower John Kiriakou says that sensationalism in the media is not likely to go away. Kiriakou, who retired from the CIA in 2004 and was the first former US official to admit waterboarding had been used to interrogate Al-Qaeda prisoners, is […]