‘Kim’s sister hovers like the lady of the house’: RT reporter visits N.Korea's inner sanctum

Few foreign journalists have had the chance to cover Kim Jong-un firsthand, but RT’s Ilya Petrenko became one of them, when he accompanied Russian FM Sergey Lavrov for a visit to the North Korean leader’s private palace. Hours before the Russian foreign minister was due to meet Kim on Thursday, the traveling journalists, who had […]

Give Piste a Chance: S. Korea’s skiers to train at Kim’s resort

Seoul has defended its decision to send its Olympic skiing team to practice at a recently-built North Korean ski resort ahead of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Following the latest round of inter-Korean talks, North Koreans announced they would compete in the figure skating, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and women’s ice hockey events. In addition, both […]

US meddling, Kim’s win & bitcoin bubble: Top 5 Putin quotes from meeting with press

From US interference into other countries’ affairs to the cryptocurrency craze, Russian President Vladimir Putin managed to cover a wide range of topics while speaking at his latest major media briefing. Putin sat down with the heads of major Russian media outlets on Thursday. While he mostly commented on international politics, issues such as cryptocurrencies […]

Kim’s new rocket: North Korea boasts ‘successful’ ballistic missile launch

Published time: 12 Feb, 2017 22:43Edited time: 12 Feb, 2017 22:54 Pyongyang says a new ballistic missile was test-fired on Sunday, adding that the launch was a success. The North Korean missile flew over 500 kilometers, landing in the sea and stirring up world leaders, with the US rushing to reassure its allies South Korea […]