WATCH: Motorbike thief gets instant karma after victim REFUSES to be attacked

The video captured a young couple walking down the street with a large blue umbrella to shield them. A motorbike drove past them without stopping, followed by two men on another motorbike. The second bike slowed down in front of the couple and attempted to rob them. However, the young man refused to be a […]

Libya, migrants & karma: Europe's new migration policy wrecks on North African reality

The EU’s new plan to create refugee camps in North Africa is unlikely to ever work, as it’s never considered the situation on the ground – something that Europe helped create when it intervened in Libya, experts warn. Years of unending migrant influx have apparently stretched both the capacity and hospitality of some European nations […]

WATCH: Armed robber attempts to hold up shop – only to be hit with hilarious instant karma

A viral video has captured the moment a man attempted to rob a store in Mexico with a gun. The armed man with his hood up enters the store and looks around before pointing the gun at the cashier. Also at the checkout is a man wearing a cowboy hat who is being served. As […]

The Good Karma Hospital season 2: Amanda Redman reveals ITV AXED one scene 'Too gory'

The drama, which stars actress Amanda as the fierce Dr Lydia Fonseca, returns for its second season on ITV tonight and fans are eagerly awaiting the next round of adventures for the Indian hospital and its team. Viewers will remember that the first instalment left off with English doctor Ruby Walker (played by Amrita Acharia) […]

Good Karma Hospital 2018 location: Where’s The Good Karma Hospital filmed? Where's it set?

Where is The Good Karma Hospital 2018 set? Series two of the Amanda Redman show will be kicking off tonight (Sunday, March 18) on ITV at 9pm. The latest run of the sun-soaked programme will have a total of six episodes – the same as series one. The Good Karma Hospital is set in South […]

The Good Karma Hospital 2018 cast: Who is in the cast of The Good Karma Hospital series 2?

Series two of The Good Karma Hospital will be starting this evening (Sunday, March 18) on ITV at 9pm. There will be a total of six, hour-long episodes in the second outing, the same number as the first series which aired last year. Once again the show is set in South India and sees the […]

Watch: Instant karma after a man learns the importance of cable ties

A video posted on Imgur has taken the internet by storm after a man’s idiot decision was captured on camera. The video, posted yesterday has already had 68,916 views on the viral website. The footage was filmed from inside a car pulling up to a junction. Directly in front of the car is a white […]

WATCH: Instant karma when a boy becomes trapped in a lift after this shocking act

Embarrassing footage of a boy stuck in a lift has spread across the internet. Filmed in Chongqing City, in south west China, the footage shows the boy entering a lift. Not long after the doors close the boy decides he need to pee, but not in a discrete corner. He spends time peeing on all […]