Stay Luxe this Autumn in Rich Velvets from Jigsaw, L.K. Bennett and Monsoon

(Image: Sun mag) Make the most out of the nights now drawing in with rich velvets paired with opulent faux furs, satin ribbons and chandelier earrings. Monsoon were onto something when they colour matched the sell-out red velvet dress with our favourite wine and the result is perfection. Cut just above the knee and nipped […]

‘Jigsaw’ Writers Working On Yet Another New ‘Saw’ Sequel

Do you want to play a game…again? Much like Jigsaw himself, the Saw franchise will apparently never really die. Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, who wrote the most recent sequel Jigsaw, are apparently hard at work on yet another new Saw sequel. What elaborate, implausible traps await us this time? Nothing can kill the Saw franchise. Bloody Disgusting reports that Jigsaw writers Pete […]

‘Geostorm’ Might Lose $100 Million, ‘Jigsaw’ Eyeing a $20+ Million Debut

John Carter. The Lone Ranger. Tomorrowland. Ben-Hur. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. These are just a few recent high-profile films from major studios that ended up being serious box office bombs. And now a new member is set to join their ranks: Geostorm, the Gerard Butler vs. extreme weather disaster movie that’s currently in theaters, may end […]

Movie Mixtape: 6 Movies to Watch With ‘Jigsaw’

(Welcome to Movie Mixtape, where we find cinematic relatives and seek out interesting connections between new releases and older movies that allow us to rethink and enjoy what’s in our theaters as well as the favorites on our shelf. In this edition: Jigsaw.) There’s almost nothing like the Saw movies in cinema. Launching 7 movies in 7 […]

New ‘Jigsaw’ Clips Highlight a Killer Philosophy, People Wearing Buckets On Their Heads, Death, Etc.

There was a time when the Saw franchise was synonymous with Halloween. Now Jigsaw hopes to capture that horror magic again by reviving the series with a brand new blood-drenched installment. A new clip from Jigsaw has just arrived to give us a glimpse of the terrors that await audiences, like walls covered in saw blades and people […]

‘No such thing as 100% British’: Fashion chain Jigsaw splits opinion with pro-immigration ads

Published time: 13 Oct, 2017 11:17 British fashion chain Jigsaw has gone political with a new ad campaign that praises immigration and claims there is “no such thing as 100 percent British.” The fashion outlet, which has prided itself on having “Beautiful British style since 1970,” is using a new campaign to say people should […]

‘Jigsaw’ Trailer: The Twisted Game Master is Back From Beyond the Grave

Tobin Bell‘s twisted character Jigsaw, aka John Kramer, died in 2006’s Saw III, but his impact is still being felt ten years after the events of 2010’s now-incorrectly-named Saw: The Final Chapter. Kramer is somehow back to his old ways in Jigsaw, Lionsgate’s first sequel to the franchise in seven years, and that means more gruesome traps, more elaborate […]

Jigsaw movie trailer: Saw 8 is the most GRUESOME yet – Watch this if you dare

Surely after eight films, one of the most twisted serial killers in cinema history would be running out of ideas? It seems not. Chainsaws, pitchforks, knives, syringes and iron masks are put to ever more bloodstained use in the lastest installment in the horror movie franchise. And yes, there are jigsaw pieces made from human […]

‘Jigsaw’ First Look and Plot Details Tease a ‘Saw’ Movie For 2017

Every horror series that runs for a long time becomes fascinating by default, but the Saw series was fascinating long before it limped to a supposed finish line with 2010’s Saw: The Final Chapter. But nothing can keep a popular horror franchise dead for long and the series returns (reboots?) this year with Jigsaw, the […]

One of the Largest Jigsaw Puzzles in the World Made Harder as Video Game Stop Motion

GIF GIF source: Sky! “Wildlife” is a very big jigsaw puzzle. Clocking in 33,600 pieces, it ranks among the largest manufactured jigsaw puzzles in the world and will set you back almost 400 bucks. But if you think it’s hard enough to do on its own, imagine turning it into a stop motion movie of […]