Jeff Sessions just announced a massive shift in asylum protections for victims of gang and domestic violence

Joshua Roberts/Reuters Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday announced broad new restrictions on who can qualify asylum in the United States that effectively blocks most victims of gang or domestic violence.  “Generally, claims by aliens pertaining to domestic violence or gang violence perpetrated by non-governmental actors will not qualify for asylum,” Sessions said in his […]

Trump said he’s likely to sign a bill protecting states with legalized marijuana, directly opposing Jeff Sessions

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren Sen. Cory Gardner and Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced bipartisan legislation to protect state-legalized marijuana. Trump on Friday said he would likely support the bill. The move would protect legally-operating marijuana business from federal interference. President Donald Trump said Friday that he will likely support a bipartisan bill in the Senate that would […]

Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom: How much screen time does Jeff Goldblum get?

WARNING SPOILERS FOR JURASSIC WORLD FALLEN KINGDOM AHEAD The Jurassic Park and The Lost World star finally returned as Dr Ian Malcolm in the latest outing of the dinosaur franchise. Fans caught their first glimpse of an older version of the character in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s trailers. Malcolm has been brought before a US […]

Jeff Bezos announces Amazon is picking up ‘The Expanse’

It’s been a few days since reports indicated Amazon was close to a deal that would extend the life of sci-fi series The Expanse, and tonight Jeff Bezos made it official. Alcon Entertainment makes the show, which is currently airing season three on Syfy, and said in a statement: “We couldn’t be more excited that […]

Jeff Bezos says Amazon is not his ‘most important work.’ It’s this secretive rocket company that toils in the Texas desert.

Axel Springer/Business Insider In a recent in-depth interview, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said that Amazon and his other businesses aren’t nearly as important as Blue Origin. Blue Origin builds, tests, and launches reusable rockets and spaceships in the desert of west Texas. Bezos said he wants Blue Origin to help move all heavy industry into […]

Knicks fire head coach Jeff Hornacek and some big names are candidates to replace him

The New York Knicks have fired head coach Jeff Hornacek. Hornecek just completed his second season as head coach with the team going 29-53 and missing the playoffs for the fifth straight season. David Fizdale, David Blatt, Mark Jackson, and Jerry Stackhouse are the first known candidates to replace Hornacek. The Knicks have fired head […]

Jeff Sessions takes aim at first-time border crossers and calls for ramping up criminal prosecutions

Alex Wong/Getty Images Attorney General Jeff Sessions ramped up calls to criminally prosecute immigrants who cross illegally into the US. Sessions said he was ordering U.S. attorneys offices near the Southwest border to prioritize bringing cases against first-time offenders. On Friday, Trump signed a memorandum ordering the end of the policy known as “catch and […]

Dr. Ian Malcolm Was Almost Cut Out of ‘Jurassic Park,’ Jeff Goldblum Reveals

There would’ve been no Jurassic Park without Jeff Goldblum‘s Dr. Ian Malcolm. Well, not really, but it’s certainly hard to imagine. As soon as the chaos mathematician stepped into frame with his tinted glasses, leather jacket, and addictively weird laugh, we all knew it was an icon in the making. And then when he bared his chest after getting […]

Jeff Goldblum tells us about acting over the phone with Wes Anderson for ‘Isle of Dogs’ — and why he thinks his best performance is yet to come

Getty/Shayanne Gal; Business Insider Legendary actor Jeff Goldblum talked to Business Insider about voicing a character in the stop-motion animated movie, “Isle of Dogs,” which marks his third time working with director Wes Anderson. Goldblum also opened up about why he believes he still hasn’t delivered his career-best work yet. It kind of makes sense […]

Andrew McCabe reportedly oversaw a criminal investigation into Jeff Sessions nearly a year before Sessions fired him

Alex Wong/Getty Images Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe reportedly oversaw a criminal investigation last year into whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions “lacked candor” when testifying before Congress during his confirmation hearing in January 2017. One source told ABC News Sessions was not aware of the investigation, which has since been closed, when he fired […]