Steam January 2018 survey: Oculus Rift overtakes HTC Vive for first time

For the first time ever since the launch of both headsets in early 2016, the Oculus Rift has overtaken the HTC Vive on the monthly Steam hardware survey. The survey is entirely optional and scans a user’s PC for various hardware components, including any VR headsets that may be connected. After a few months of catching […]

Detroit Auto Show might move from January to October, and here's why

As we’ve reported occasionally over the past several years, auto shows have been in decline, with more automakers deciding which shows to attend and which to sit out, and how otherwise to spend their marketing money. Or, in the case of the Detroit Auto Show, automakers have had to choose between it and the Consumer […]

January 2018’s top 10 Minecraft Marketplace creations: castles and the Wild West

Minecraft players downloaded 239,062 pieces of content from the Minecraft Marketplace in January. The marketplace is available in the unified Bedrock version of Minecraft on Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and mobile (Bedrock comes to Switch later this year), and it features products made by both The Minecraft Team and community developers. Players can […]

Susan Rice documented a January 2017 meeting with Obama and senior officials because they were ‘justifiably concerned’ about Trump-Russia ties

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst Susan Rice, the former national security adviser, said through her attorney Friday that she documented a controversial January 2017 meeting she had with senior Obama administration officials because they were “justifiably concerned” about ties between Russia and members of the incoming Trump administration. Rice’s attorney said she memorialized the meeting upon the advice […]

Sensor Tower: China and Japan dominate mobile game revenues in January

When it comes to worldwide revenue in mobile games, Chinese and Japanese companies are starting to dominate the charts, according to measurement firm Sensor Tower. Sony has a big hit on its hands with the role-playing game Fate/Grand Order, which took the top position from Mixi’s big hit Monster Strike. While the two Japanese companies […]

Average transaction prices climb to a record $36,270 in January

The automotive sector made a hash of the numbers last month, a mess of pluses and minuses clogging the transaction-price charts according to Kelley Blue Book. The overall industry rose one percent, even though buyers bought fewer cars and light vehicles in January 2018 vs 2017 using the selling-day adjusted rate. Due to January transaction […]

Steam January hardware survey: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtually tied for VR headsets

The first Steam hardware survey of 2018 is in, and it shows Oculus Rift and HTC Vive use at practically a tie. This month sees HTC Vive as 46.96% (a 0.3% decrease from last month’s 47.26%) of the overall usage, while Rift is at 46.09% (a 0.05% decrease from 46.14% in December). Steam designates HTC Vive […]