Investors betting against made $153 million after the company’s CEO was accused of sexual misconduct (JD)

REUTERS/Aly Song plunged after its CEO was detained in the US over a sexual-misconduct allegation. Short sellers made $ 153 million in profits from the stock decline, which saw shares fall 14% last week. Watch trade in real-time here. short sellers — or investors betting on the company’s stock to fall — made millions […]

Venture investors, this is what a good outcome looks like

GUEST: On the heels of a Supreme Court decision that will allow states beyond Nevada to legalize sports gambling, the much-publicized FanDuel merger officially closed to the tune of a $ 465 million exit for the daily fantasy sports site. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Hundreds of millions of dollars and an untapped market primed for […]

Argentina launched a sweeping new austerity program to try to solve its economic crisis — but investors aren’t buying it

Marcos Brindicci/Reuters Argentina reveals new austerity measures aimed at reducing the country’s huge budget deficit. New measures will include an increase in export tariffs for grains such as soybeans, and a halving of the number of government agencies. The new measures were not well received by investors, with the peso falling after their announcement. Argentina […]

Litigation finance offers investors attractive yields

CONTINGENT fees, in which clients pay lawyers only if a case is won, have long been a feature of America’s legal system. Many other countries used to bar them, wary of importing America’s ambulance-chasing culture. But a belated acceptance of their benefits means they are now widely allowed. “No-win, no-fee” arrangements help shift risks from […]

MoviePass owner posts huge loss as investors launch lawsuits

Back when MoviePass first announced its $ 10-a-month subscription for one movie a day, AMC said the scheme was like “turning lead into gold.” Since no alchemist stepped forward to do that for MoviePass, the movie ticketing service’s parent company, Helios and Matheson Analytics, has posted a massive operating loss that reached $ 126.6 million […]

Advice for the adviser: Professional investors say Lazard should consider breaking itself up

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images There’s a level of “frustration” among professional investors, who think investment bank Lazard is undervalued. An anonymous survey of more than 50 investment funds found many thought the bank should consider a shift in strategy. Recommendations included more share buybacks and a potential split of its two main operating divisions. Boutique investment […]

Mark Zuckerberg loses $17bn in a day & some investors want him fired as Facebook chairman

Facebook chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is having a very bad day. On Thursday, he lost $ 17 billion of his fortune, Facebook shares dipped almost 20 percent, and now, some shareholders want his influence on the company reduced. Read more The money the Facebook CEO lost is only one-fifth of his net worth, which […]