Jeremy Corbyn, Tony Benn, and me: The man who invented left-wing Euroscepticism tells us why he thinks Corbyn really favours Brexit

John Mills / JML John Mills has been campaigning to get Britain out of the EU for 40 years. Mills wrote a series of Eurosceptic economic papers that were much admired by the late Tony Benn, the socialist MP who came to loathe the EU. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn worked for Benn in the 1981 […]

Physics ‘invented by men’? Scientist faces backlash after ‘highly offensive’ talk on gender bias

A senior scientist at Pisa University has sparked anger following a talk he gave on the role of women in physics at Cern, the European nuclear research centre, in which he said that physics was “invented and built by men”. Responding to the backlash, Cern released a statement which said the talk given by Prof […]

Nintendo reveals it invented “Bowsette” before the Internet did

This month’s major Nintendo Direct video presentation included a reveal of another New Super Mario Bros. game—a Switch port of its last Wii U installment—with one curious twist. It includes a few new playable characters, and one of those, Toadette, can don a crown power-up and turn into a Toadette-Peach hybrid dubbed Peachette. Fans didn’t take […]

Bob Hoskins Invented the Modern Blockbuster Performance in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’

There is a man squatting at the lowest point of his personal and professional life. He’s a classic film-noir detective living from job to job in Hollywood in the late 1940s, the dark hero of an ’80s neo-noir. The man used to be on the LAPD, but now he’s just a hacky private investigator who’s […]

16 things you thought were invented in the US — but weren’t

Easton Oliver/Unsplash Food items and technological innovations that you thought were invented in the US might actually have roots overseas. Some inventions, such as the television and light bulb, were perfected in the US, but first developed elsewhere. Other things, like hot dogs and blue jeans, were popularized in the US by European immigrants. The […]

How Oscar Screeners Were Accidentally Invented By a Desperate Director

It’s a privilege only a select few know: the dingy envelope, the annoying watermark, the prestigious movies that can be watched comfortably at home. The coveted Oscar screeners. Screeners have been a staple of the Academy Awards circuit for decades now, but does anyone know how it started? It turns out it all began with […]

Meet the Man Who All But Invented Serious Car Spy Photography

– From the December 2017 issue – Jim Dunne modestly dismisses the idea that he is the father of automotive spy photography, noting that various newspapers in the 1950s had printed snapshots of development prototypes from time to time before he elevated the game to a professional level. But in 1964, Dunne and modern spy […]

The Car Was Not Invented in America, But We Invented What the Car Meant

– The car was not invented in America, but we made it ours. We’re not talking here about technical innovations such as vehicle mass production or interchangeable parts or the electric starter. Those were all America’s, sure. Europe can lay claim to just as many automotive achievements—unibody construction, disc brakes, even front-wheel drive. But we […]

The Man Who Invented Christmas: A bit frantic and flippant, but good for festive spirit

In October 1843, Dickens is heavily in debt so he decides to write a new book. However he is also devoid of fresh ideas. Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens gives a broad, comic performance as a petulant, penny-pinching Dickens trying to save money and fight off despondency. He is then inspired to write a Christmas story […]

How JFK Invented Air Force One As We Know It Today

How JFK Invented Air Force One As We Know It Today Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site […]