Seann Walsh and Katya Jones: Ex-Strictly star Kristina Rihanoff DEFENDS intimacy of job

Strictly Come Dancing 2018 contestant Seann, 32, and dance partner Katya, 29, have come under fire following a kiss they shared made headlines last week.  After apologising for their “drunken mistake” on social media and It Takes Two with Zoe Ball, 47, ex-Strictly professional Kristina Rihanoff, 41, has spoken out about the situation.  Joining Louise […]

The Heartbeat Symposium – Exploring Love, Sex, & Intimacy In Games

“I’ve always been interested in telling stories about connection – to land, to a person, to a thing, even to a point in time. Exploring connection is the focus of so many areas of creativity – especially film, art, and music – but much less so video games. Why is that, I ask myself.” says […]

Prince Philip: ‘SHOCK’ line on Duke’s hand shows intimacy issues and 'need for freedom'

Prince Philip, 96, is the husband and consort of Queen Elizabeth II, 91. The Duke of Edinburgh has been married to the Queen for 70 years. He recently underwent hip surgery, and today spent his sixth day in hospital following the operation. A palm reading expert has uncovered a new interpretation of Prince Philip’s character, […]

Prince William: Did he and Kate Middleton break THIS royal intimacy rule in public parade?

Prince William, 35, and Kate Middleton, 36, have made countless public appearances together since their marriage in 2011. The royal couple have previously as a rule tended to avoid public displays of affection in favour of maintaining a more formal appearance However, it seems William broke this protocol during today’s St Patrick’s Day parade, showing […]

VR on Valentine’s Day: The technological evolution of love, connection, and intimacy

GUEST: Connection is difficult. With more distractions, demands on our time, and mediated communications like texting and social media, making time for intimacy and love can be challenging. Holidays such as Valentine’s Day can serve to reinforce this realization, further isolating singles and those who choose alternative lifestyles. There are some who feel technology is […]

Sex and dating tips: Certain people crave THIS more than intimacy – are YOU one of them?

Smokers yearn for a cigarette more than they do for sex, 20 per cent of respondents admitted. This may come as bad news for partners of those who smoke. Other vices also weren’t viewed as important as smoking, with social media, alcohol and sugar also coming second to a cigarette for 30 per cent of […]

Heading to Cuba? Government to reopen ‘LOVE HOTELS’ to encourage intimacy between couples

The Cuban Government has announced that it wants to reintroduce state-run ’love hotels’ to the country. In a bid to encourage intimacy between couples, many young families are currently living in small houses or apartments without any privacy. Even divorced couples are forced to live together due to the current housing crisis. Advertised as a […]