A review of Monitor-IO, a little gadget that wants to talk about your Internet

Monitor-IO is a $ 100 IoT gadget that tells you whether your Internet is working well, poorly, or not at all. The idea is you put this little black box next to (and plugged directly into) your router, and a quick glance at its color-coded screen will let you know if the Internet’s working solidly,  if […]

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ Teaser Introduces Slaughter Race and Shows Off More Disney Princesses

Before the weekend started, we got a look at a new character entering the world of Wreck-It Ralph, a tough street racer named Shank voiced by none other than Gal Gadot. Now Disney wants to show off the Wonder Woman’s computer animated alter ego in action with a new Ralph Breaks the Internet teaser that […]

More states join lawsuit to keep 3D-printed gun plans off the internet

On August 1st, Defense Distributed was set to upload designs of 3D-printed guns for the public to buy and download. But the day before, a Seattle judge temporarily blocked their release after seven states and Washington, DC sued the company and State Department. Today, eleven more states have joined the legal battle to stop the […]

How the Internet of Things will transform consumerism, enterprises, and governments over the next five years

The Internet of Things is fueling the data-based economy and bridging the divide between physical and digital worlds. Consumers, companies, and governments will install more than 40 billion IoT devices worldwide through 2023. The next five years will mark a pivotal transformation in how companies and jurisdictions operate, and how consumers live. Being successful in […]

IBM wins $83 million from Groupon in internet patent fight

(Reuters) — A U.S. jury on Friday awarded International Business Machines $ 83 million in a patent dispute with e-commerce company Groupon. A jury in Delaware said Groupon used IBM’s patented e-commerce technology without authorization following a two-week trial. “IBM invests nearly $ 6 billion annually in research and development, producing in…Read More

Google Maps: Why has Street View blurred out this? Internet users spot strange censorship

Google Maps has caught a number of people in unfortunate scenarios. Who can forget the gentleman who appeared to have wet himself? However, this Google Maps Street View victim reveal the wet patch was really down to changing barrels in the pub.  Others have been caught in even worse situations. For this reason it is […]