Intel’s AI wheelchair can be controlled by facial expressions

Motorized wheelchairs are traditionally controlled by a joystick or sensors attached to the user’s body, but now innovation in artificial intelligence is helping severely disabled people drive their chairs with their facial expressions. Working in partnership with Intel, Brazil-based Hoobox Robotics has created the Wheelie 7, a piece of AI-leveraging kit that allows disabled people […]

Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake chip gets another outing in new NUC mini PC

Intel Intel has updated its range of small form-factor PCs that it calls NUCs. We’ve generally liked the systems in the past; with a footprint of about 4 inches by 4 inches, they’re pretty compact, and their feature set makes them versatile for home theaters, digital signs or other embedded industrial uses, workplace productivity, and […]

Intel’s SGX blown wide open by, you guessed it, a speculative execution attack

Foreshadow explained in a video. Another day, another speculative execution-based attack. Data protected by Intel’s SGX—data that’s meant to be protected even from a malicious or hacked kernel—can be read by an attacker thanks to leaks enabled by speculative execution. Since publication of the Spectre and Meltdown attacks in January this year, security researchers have […]

New Windows patch disables Intel’s bad Spectre microcode fix

Enlarge / A closeup shot of an Intel Haswell die, with a pin for size reference. (credit: Intel) Microsoft has released a new Windows patch to disable Intel’s hardware-based mitigation for the Spectre attack due to bugs introduced by Intel’s mitigation. In the wake of the Spectre and Meltdown attacks that use the speculative execution […]

Microsoft is issuing software updates to fix the damage caused by Intel’s Spectre and Meltdown patches (MSFT, INTC)

Getty Images/Drew Angerer Microsoft is releasing a series of software updates to all Windows 10 machines that previously received patches from Intel that were supposed to fix the security flaws brought by Spectre and Meltdown, The Verge first reported. If it doesn’t sound clear, it’s because it is indeed a mess. Here’s what happened: When […]

Some of Intel’s datacenter customers are considering switching to rival chips because of the security flaws (INTC)

David Becker/Stringer Some of Intel’s data center customers are looking for alternative microchip vendors, following revelations that Intel’s chips contain a serious security flaw.  Intel chips are behind 98% of data center operations, and a customer exodus could have a serious impact on one of the company’s faster growing business units.  Flaws in Intel’s chips, […]

Intel’s Project Alloy VR headset is dead

Intel won’t be releasing its Project Alloy VR headset platform anytime this year — in fact, it won’t be releasing the technology at all. The tech giant has officially killed the initiative, which aimed to provide partner companies an open reference design for their own standalone VR devices. Intel was supposed to launch the platform […]

Intel’s 18-core Xeon CPU may be destined for the iMac Pro

There’s been a lot of speculation about which Xeon chips the upcoming iMac Pro will use, but Intel may have just revealed the answer. During IFA, it unveiled the Xeon W-series lineup aimed at high-end, single-CPU, mainstream graphics workstations. Intel didn’t say that the iMac pro would use the chip, but the stars line up: […]

Alienware launches new Area 51 gamer desktop with Intel’s fastest chip

Alienware announced its flagship gaming desktop would use an Advanced Micro Devices Threadripper chip last week, and now the gaming division of Dell is announcing that a version of the Area 51 will also be available with Intel’s fastest processor. The announcement of both processors in the same Alienware gaming desktop shows that it’s a […]