How to get started with AI integration in a growing business

GUEST: If you pay any attention to tech news, you’ve probably read extensively about how AI is transforming our world in an incredible number of ways. From creating works of art to making crucial predictions, the prospect of smart machines accomplishing previously unthinkable tasks has turned the entire tech sphere on its head, and for […]

Discord members can now spin tunes with social Spotify integration

Discord has a new feature for its community-based social network that enables people to share details about their music through the Spotify streaming service. This enables people to add more elements of their personality into their presence on Discord, which is already a home for thousands of fandoms. As part of this collaboration, Discord will […]

Tory MP calls for pupils to learn UK national anthem to aid integration, create sense of identity

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell is calling for ‘God Save the Queen’ to be taught in schools across the UK to bolster a sense of “national identity” and aid integration – but the suggestion has been met with a backlash. “With such a diverse society, it is even more important that all schoolchildren in the UK […]

‘Go to other country’: Swedish finance minister says refugee integration capacity stretched

Published time: 24 Dec, 2017 20:59 Sweden has exhausted its resources to take in more asylum seekers after the 2015 refugee influx, the country’s finance minister has said, suggesting that migrants and refugees will have better luck elsewhere in the EU. “Integration is not working properly. It didn’t work before the autumn of 2015 either, […]

Google Assistant SDK expands hardware integration to Germany, Japan, and United Kingdom

The software development kit (SDK) for Google Assistant is expanding to additional countries today, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. As part of the expansion, Google Assistant SDK is now available in English, French, German, and Japanese. The SDK makes it possible for hardware makers to bring Google Assistant to virtually any […]

5 reasons businesses are struggling with large-scale AI integration

GUEST: Artificial intelligence is an important vehicle for companies looking to automate processes, reduce the cost of operation, or fuel innovation. Despite the positive influence AI-supported activities have on business, a successful implementation won’t happen overnight. First you need a complete understanding of your business goals, technology needs, and the impact AI will have on […]

6 industries with massive potential for AI integration

GUEST: Artificial intelligence represents a new way of interfacing with data. With the cost of sensors, data storage, and analytics plunging, nearly every industry can now produce exabytes of data concerning its daily operations, from the temperature of a computer processor to the vibration in a bearing. AI can work with human data too. Our […]

Samsung unveils Bixby 2.0 with long-awaited Viv Labs integration

Samsung today announced its AI assistant Bixby will begin to incorporate Viv Labs technology for third-party integrations. Viv was acquired by Samsung a year ago for about $ 215 million. Before Viv, co-creators Adam Cheyer and Dag Kittlaus also made Siri before it was acquired by Apple. “Bixby 2.0 will be available on a variety of […]

Amazon launches 7″ waterproof Kindle Oasis with Audible integration, starting at $250

Kindle fans, rejoice. Amazon has listened and is finally bringing a waterproof ereader to market — almost 10 years after the internet giant debuted the first Kindle device. The all-new Kindle Oasis comes 18 months after its same-named sibling was introduced to the world, and the latest incarnation boasts a number of notable upgrades, in […]

Google Slides gets third-party add-ons, Keep integration, and more

Google has announced a number of updates to its Slides presentation software, including add-on integrations and a bunch of new features. Slides, for the uninitiated, is Google’s cloud-based PowerPoint-killer, and — alongside Docs and Sheets — represents Google’s suite of free office software. The tools are available as standalone mobile apps, and they also constitute […]