Man coughs up perfectly intact ‘blood sculpture’ of his lung (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

The New England Journal of Medicine shares some of the most amazing imagery from the often weird and wonderful field of medicine, but sometimes the content can be simultaneously disgusting and yet mesmerizing. On Tuesday, the widely respected journal shared a truly incredible case: a 36-year-old man with aggressive end-stage heart failure had a coughing […]

Titanic brochure and intact ticket from doomed liner emerges for sale

The fascinating five-page booklet was produced exclusively for first-class passengers. The front cover is dominated by a picture of the awe-inspiring liner dwarfing other vessels. Inside, one page is devoted to the Louis XVI Restaurant where a la carte meals were served till 11pm, while another showcases the Cafe Parisien, setting of choice for late-night […]

Driftwood? Dog walker finds intact ‘penis and testicles’ washed up on UK beach

Published time: 3 Oct, 2017 09:23 Police are investigating after a basset hound named Molly picked up an intact penis and testicles that were washed up on the beach in Brean, Somerset. Dog walker Julie Edwards recognized the disconnected male genitalia as such after Molly started playing with them on the beach last Monday. Edwards […]

A 14th-century watermill with all its workings intact goes on sale

A mill offers a natural setting in tune with the seasons and a slower pace of life, yet has the exposed beams and flagstone floors of a colour supplement lifestyle. It’s the perfect combination and available for the right buyers in a 14th-century watermill for sale on the River Len in Kent. Chegworth Mill was […]

Odd Story of Salvador Dalí Exhumation Gets Even More Dalí-Esque with Revelation of Intact 10-Past-10 Mustache

Recently, it was announced that Salvador Dalí’s body would be exhumed after having been in the ground for 28 years, in order to be sampled for a paternity test to see if he was the father of Spanish astrologist/tarot card reader María Pilar Abel Martínez; she claims Dalí had an affair with her mother that, […]

Nose broken, immunity intact? US diplomat reportedly leaves NZ despite police probe

Published time: 19 Mar, 2017 10:49 A US attaché in New Zealand was shielded by diplomatic immunity from a police probe and has left the country, according to local news reports. Police wanted him for questioning over an incident which reportedly left him with a broken nose and black eye. The US Embassy worker involved […]