Inside the Yelp-Google Struggle

Jeremy Stoppelman likes to mock Google’s stock response to its critics: “On the internet, competition is one click away.” The Yelp CEO laughs despairingly as he describes attempts to convince U.S. regulators to restrict what he believes is a “very successful monopoly.” The “click away” line, he says, tripped off the tongues of every federal […]

Nintendo hid a load-your-own NES emulator inside a GameCube classic

Enlarge / Replacing that memory gibberish with a carefully crafted memory card file lets you load arbitrary NES games through Animal Crossing. (credit: Nintendo) Fans of the early-2000s era GameCube version of the original Animal Crossing likely remember the game including a handful of emulated NES titles that could be played by obtaining in-game items […]

From a 7-figure bidding war to a last-minute ending reshoot: Inside how The Rock’s thrilling summer movie ‘Skyscraper’ was made

Universal Pictures “Skyscraper” is the second time director Rawson Marshall Thurber and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have worked together, the first being the hit comedy “Central Intelligence.” Thurber explained to Business Insider how he worked with Johnson on “Skyscraper.” This included insight on the bidding war for the movie, and why the two felt the […]

This cool video goes inside the A-10 cockpit when the Warthog starts blasting

Screenshot/US Navy The following video shows A-10 Warthogs firing 2.75″ rockets and 30mm ammunition during a live fire exercise at Red Flag Alaska June 11-21, 2018 in Alaska. The video is pretty short and along with some cool cockpit footage it gives a pretty good idea about what the sound of a GAU-8 Avenger 30 […]

The Detroit of England? Inside Birmingham’s 21st-century rebirth

I walk up to the iconic, green Chamberlain Clock, once derelict but now restored, and past the Pen Museum, which, at its peak, sat at the center of some 100 factories in this neighborhood that, during the 19th century, manufactured three-quarters of all the world’s pens. Heading down the hill, downtown, I end up at […]

Inside the all-American voyage to the last world in the Solar System

New Horizons revealed Pluto as a mysterious world, with icy mountains and very smooth plains. (credit: NASA) Three years ago, when the New Horizons spacecraft sped toward Pluto on July 4th and began sending humans their first clear images of the tiny world at the end of the Solar System, it all seemed preordained. Of […]

A tech billionaire just listed his Palo Alto home for $100 million, the most expensive Bay Area listing in a decade — take a look inside

The most expensive listed Bay Area home within the last decade is currently for sale for nearly $ 100 million, with extensive and plentiful amenities to match. Originally reported by The Wall Street Journal, the 32,000-square-foot home at 610 Los Trancos Rd in Palo Alto, Calif., belongs to Scott McNealy, who co-founded the computer company Sun […]

Inside a bitcoin billionaire’s master plan for his futuristic office and $21 million penthouse : Miniature luxury cars, holographic receptionists, and secret tunnels

Decentral Anthony Di Iorio made his fortune as an early adopter of hot cryptocurrencies bitcoin and ethereum.  Now, the cryptocurrency billionaire is spending some of his cash on two video game-inspired real estate projects in Toronto.  Di Iorio recently purchased two spaces in Toronto. One is a 15,000 square foot office space for his blockchain […]