Love Island 2019: Michael Griffiths infuriates viewers as he kisses Joanna in shock move

Love Island viewers saw Michael sleep in a bed with Joanna tonight after taking to the day beds for the first evening the new girls were in the villa. However, according to a teaser for the next episode of the ITV2 contest, he takes things up a notch by leaning in for a kiss with […]

The One Show: Matt Baker INFURIATES Micky Flanagan as they get into heated FEUD on air

During yesterday’s show, when he announced who was appearing tonight, Matt pronounced Micky’s surname wrong and the comedian was not happy about it.  Appearing on The One Show to discuss his upcoming programme where he addresses life’s biggest philosophical questions, presenters Matt and Michelle Ackerley asked the comedian what troubles him in life.  Micky took […]

'Sort it out!' Phillip Schofield's 5 Gold Rings INFURIATES viewers over technical issues

The interactive quiz saw two teams compete against each other by placing gold rings in the correct position on an image on the floor in front of them. Before the show began, presenter Phillip encouraged those watching at home to download an app so they could play along too. He tweeted: “If you fancy playing […]

Ruth GAGS husband Eamonn live on This Morning after he infuriates her 'Stop doing that!'

Even before the ITV programme had really started Ruth, 56, was heard lambasting Eamonn, 57, for chewing too loudly while eating. “Ugh! Ugh! Stop that horrible noise! You know what you’re doing, you doing that to me on purpose now because you know about that thing in the paper today,” she was heard telling her […]