How to spot social media scams [INFOGRAPHIC]

Internet users love social media. It’s a place where they can cultivate a persona and interact with friends and family. The most popular social media sites in 2019 are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Facebook has reached 2 billion active users, Instagram has 1 billion and LinkedIn is gaining momentum with 590 million users. With so […]

80 Need-to-Know Online Shopping Statistics for 2019 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published on WikiBuy. Can you remember the last time you made an online purchase? If you’re like two-thirds of Americans, it was probably less than a month ago. Customers are making more frequent and more significant purchases online. Ecommerce is experiencing huge growth, and by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be […]

12 cognitive biases that hurt our finances [INFOGRAPHIC]

A cognitive bias is an error in thinking that affects our ability to make decisions and judgements. They typically occur when we hold on to our own beliefs, ignoring outside rational advice. If left unchecked, they can wreak havoc on our finances — causing us to ignore saving, spend irrationally, and even make costly investing […]

How Much Does it Cost to Build Pop Culture Structures? [INFOGRAPHIC]

At one point or another, you’ve wanted to see your favorite place from popular culture in real life. Whether that’s studying in the halls and libraries of Hogwarts Castle or destroying planets and armies in your own Death Star, we’ve all dreamt of being able to witness such impressive sites.  These iconic structures spark our […]

5 Terrorist Attacks That Could Happen in Your Neighborhood and How to Survive Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

Terrorism has been around for centuries, but we are still unable to prevent such things from happening. Maybe some of our counterterrorism measures have considerably slowed it down, but they still exist. If the policies that restrict and ban people, tighten surveillance, and prohibit everyday things are unable to ensure everyone’s safety, then perhaps it’s […]

Things You May Not Have Known About Nike [INFOGRAPHIC]

You may be surprised to learn that the running shoes that are so common and fashionable today, haven’t been always this comfortable and stylish. Back in the day, the running shoes were actually mostly made by tire companies. They were also very clunky, cumbersome, and could even make your feet bleed after running for a […]