Turkey’s central bank has streamlined its fight against inflation

THE baroque era in Turkish architecture lasted deep into the 19th century, leaving behind lavish buildings, such as the Lily Mosque in Istanbul and waterside pavilions that seem to float on the Bosphorus. The baroque period in Turkish monetary policy will last until June 1st, when the central bank will simplify its equally ornate monetary-policy […]

How kidnapping insurance keeps a lid on ransom inflation

IN THE early 1970s, leftist guerrillas in Argentina discovered a lucrative new way to make money: kidnap millionaires. Panicking firms would agree to huge ransoms, more concerned with freeing their executives than driving down the fee. That was not just bad for businesses. It also became a textbook case of how poor negotiating can send […]

Nigeria’s top statistician tweeted the country’s latest inflation data an hour early — and blamed a non-existent time difference between Nigeria and London

Nigeria’s top statistician tweeted the country’s latest inflation data one hour early. He blamed the fact that his watch was on “London time” — despite London and Nigeria being in the same time zone. The country’s inflation rate fell to 13.34% from 14.33% in March. The head of Nigeria’s statistical authority made an embarrassing blunder […]

Japanese wages are still going backwards after inflation

REUTERS/Eddie Keogh Annual wage growth in Japan has fallen in real terms in each of the past three months. That appears to be impacting household spending which fell heavily in the year to February. Falling real wages are crimping the purchasing power of households, placing downside pressure on consumption and inflationary pressures. Japan’s unemployment rate […]

Inflation in Russia lower than America's for first time in history

Low inflation is not always good for the economy. However, for Russia, whose economy has been dominated by skyrocketing inflation after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it’s a good sign. Inflation in Russia now stands at 2.18 percent, and for the first time ever it is lower than US inflation, which is currently 2.2 […]

Inflation rises more than expected after scare that rocked global markets

Matt Cardy/Getty Images Inflation rose more than expected in January, according to a keenly awaited report released on Wednesday.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ consumer price index, which tracks price changes of a basket of consumer goods, rose 2.1% year-on-year in January. That’s higher than the Federal Reserve’s 2% target, although the central bank prefers to […]

The stock market is tanking because inflation is coming back and changing all the rules

Reuters The stock market has been taking a historic pounding over the last few days. In part you can blame the fact that inflation, a force virtually unseen since the financial crisis, has reappeared on planet Earth. It is changing economic conditions, and making the world a riskier, more volatile place for Wall Street. If […]

Latin America’s Fintech Rebels Declare War on Inflation

When he’s on the road, dashing in and out of airports for work around Latin America, Argentine Gabriel Paluch often opens up his laptop, peers down over his thick black mustache and skims the numbers on the screen. His screen shows him the value of money he’s loaned borrowers through Afluenta, a Buenos Aires–based financial […]

Now is not the time for central banks to abandon their inflation targets

Reuters/Lucas Jackson More and more investors are calling for central banks to remove their inflation targets. However, this would be a mistake, according to Jeremy Lawson, chief economist at Aberdeen Standard Investments. Doing so would make it harder for central banks to navigate downturns.   There are growing calls for central banks to reduce their emphasis […]