Avengers Infinity War: Writers explain THAT Captain Marvel scene ‘The best chance of hope’

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Infinity War. The character, played by Brie Larson, will make her debut in next year’s Captain Marvel solo movie, before popping up in Avengers 4. The post-credits tag on Infinity War saw Nick Fury using a communication device to make contact with the hero – real name Carol Danvers – […]

Avengers 4: Is THIS how Deadpool could appear in the Avengers Infinity War sequel?

Deadpool 2 is currently in cinemas and challenging the box office success of Avengers Infinity War for No 1 this weekend. But with a Disney/Fox merger in the works, is it possible Deadpool could pop up in Marvel‘s Avengers 4 and finally join the MCU with the X-Men and Fantastic Four? One Reddit user certainly […]

Avengers Infinity War ‘is really all about [SPOILER]’ – Marvel fans LOVE this theory

WARNING SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS INFINITY WAR AHEAD The Marvel epic featured themes of sacrifice and salvation, but was there a common trend among all the difficult ethical decisions for the greater good? Well one Reddit user’s theory on Avengers Infinity War has proven very popular among fans. Is this what the film is really all […]

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Beats Out ‘Jurassic World’ As the Biggest Summer Movie Ever

Avengers: Infinity War has added another record to its world-dominating box office run. After opening in China this weeekend, the Infinity War box office haul has officially reached historic heights — or should I say prehistoric? (No I shouldn’t, that makes no sense.) Avengers: Infinity War has officially taken Jurassic World‘s crown for the highest-grossing summer movie ever. […]

Avengers Infinity War: Is Quicksilver in Avengers 4?

For a franchise that stretches 19 movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a big task for Avengers Infinity War. Gathering all the heroes from previous films going back 10 years, Marvel Studios adds one more chapter to the saga with Infinity War. Featuring more than 35 major Marvel heroes, Infinity War sees Earth’s mightiest heroes […]

Avengers Infinity war DVD release date: When is it out on DVD? Will it be on Netflix?

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes gather together to defend the universe from the Mad Titan Thanos, as he hunts down the six infinity stones.  The latest action-packed addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has got fans desperate for more, as they wait to find out what happens after the HUGE cliff-hanger ending.  Marvel are releasing Ant-Man and […]

Avengers 4: Is MANTIS the Celestial Madonna who saves the universe? Infinity War clues

Avengers Infinity War is packed with clues and hints for Avengers 4, as well as the eagerly-anticipated Caprtain Marvel. Mantis may be one of the shyest characters in universe full of raging egos but she might have the biggest destiny of all. Her fledgling flirtation with Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will seem […]

Avengers Infinity War huge COTATI clue to Captain Marvel and Avengers 4: Did you spot it?

Infinity War is jam packed with so much action, drama and, yes, death, it is hard to take it all in. There is also a remarkably impressive barrage of jokes and word play. One of the funniest scenes takes place on board the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship when they rescue Thor but it also […]

Avengers 4: Jane Foster for return after Infinity War? First hint was dropped LAST YEAR

Joe and Anthony Russo were asked which MCU characters who did not appear in Infinity War survived The Snap at the hands of Thanos. When Jane’s name came up, Anthony Russo refused to answer, saying only “spoiler”. “When we say spoiler we mean potential spoiler,” he clarified. Whether this means Jane will be mentioned in […]

Daily Podcast: Water Cooler, Ms. Marvel, Willow, IMAX, Guillermo Del Toro, Avengers: Infinity War, Brooklyn Nine-Nine & More

On the May 14, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film senior writer Ben Pearson and writer Hoai-Tran Bui to talk about what they’ve been up to in the water cooler, which includes the Solo junket, the Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary celebration and You Were Never Really Here, Tully […]