TRC heard concerns about coerced sterilization of Indigenous women, says Murray Sinclair

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission heard concerns about coerced sterilization of Indigenous women during its years-long examination of Canada’s residential school legacy, Sen. Murray Sinclair said Thursday as he joined a chorus of calls for a national investigation on the issue.

Re-victimized by authorities? Indigenous women’s murders simply disappear, study finds

Hundreds of Native American women have been murdered or have gone missing over the years, and their fate remains a mystery as authorities are appallingly lax in keeping track of such crime victims, according to a new study. Of the 5,712 American Indian and Alaska Native girls and women reported missing in 2016, only 116 […]

If you live in Taipei’s Dream Community, this Indigenous festival is included in your rent

Mark Daffey July 4, 2018 Share this article Taipei’s annual Dream Parade—a cacophonous riot of color honoring Taiwan’s aboriginal villagers (and funded by a local property magnate)—has been likened to Rio’s Carnivàle and the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Mark Daffey dives in. Dressed in guises designed to replicate banana peels, wizened old women turn […]