Sorry, Shoppers: October Auto Sales Expected to Slip, Along With Incentives

Analysts are projecting U.S. light vehicle sales will decline in October as incentives do the same. Could they possibly be related? While we don’t have have official figures on how much of the domestic population has a limitless supply of cash, our collective intuition suggests most do not. This leads us to believe the elevated cost […]

Suing for Incentives: Tesla Doesn’t Like the Way Ontario’s Treating It

In June, Ontario — the place just over yonder from Detroit and Buffalo — switched governments for the first time in 15 years. As part of his planned overhaul of the province’s finances, newly minted leader Doug Ford announced the cancellation of an electric vehicle rebate program that handed up to $ 14,000 to buyers of green […]

Cities that lure Amazon with incentives may be getting a ‘bad bargain,’ new study says

Getty/Scott Olson A new study by the Economics Policy Institute shows that overall employment does not change when Amazon opens a new warehouse. Warehouse wages also do not change when Amazon comes to town. The study’s authors warn that the cities and towns providing tax incentives to Amazon for the opening of warehouses might be […]

Should Tesla care that it sold zero cars in Hong Kong after incentives expired?

Tesla vehicles have been selling well in Hong Kong. That is, until the government stopped handing out tax breaks to EV owners, effective April 1, 2017. In April, as Quartz reports, Tesla sales dropped to zero in Hong Kong. The data comes from the Hong Kong Transport Department, which reported 2,939 first-time Tesla registrations in […]

Google says its self-driving car boss made $120 million in incentives while working on a competing startup (GOOG)

Google says its self-driving-car lead Anthony Levandowski made $ 120 million in incentives while secretively building Otto, a competing company eventually acquired by Uber, according to an arbitration demand filed by Google against Levandowski and another employee on Monday. The arbitration demand is the latest turn in the bombshell lawsuit Google filed against the ride-hailing […]

Norway Looks to Eliminate Gas and Diesel Auto Sales by 2025 with EV and Plug-In Incentives

– While Donald Trump is making plans for drastic funding cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) here in the United States, other countries are ramping up the fight against vehicle emissions. Norway, already in the vanguard, recently announced a new goal in its effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels in cars. By 2025, […]