Google kills Google Inbox

While much of the tech world was focused on today’s Apple event, Google dumped the news that it is killing another product. This time on the chopping block is Google’s other email client, Google Inbox. Google announced today that its trailblazing, experimental email client will be shut down “at the end of March 2019.” Inbox launched […]

The Ultimate Way to get to Inbox Zero

Ah, Inbox Zero. An achievement that so many of us long for. It’s elusive. It’s a productivity benchmark. It’s an ongoing battle. It’s also unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, the way Inbox Zero was initially termed is incredibly valuable. Merlin Mann coined the phrase years ago and what he has defined it as goes well […]

Zeroed out: Five steps toward restoring inbox sanity

Enlarge (credit: Jesper Sehested / Flickr) Welcome to 2018, filled with new newsletters, new launches, and new resolutions. In case “decluttering your digital life” sits among your goals in 2018, we’re surfacing a classic Ars guide to achieving inbox zero. This piece originally run on December 14, 2008, and it appears unchanged below. Last week, […]

A day in the life of Birchbox CEO Katia Beauchamp, who swaps coffee for meditation and refuses to let her inbox ‘be the boss’

Ben Rose / Stringer / Getty Images • Katia Beauchamp is CEO of Birchbox, the beauty subscription service she co-founded in 2010. • She is also a mother of three. • She shared some insights on staying productive at work and finding balance in life with Business Insider. Birchbox CEO Katia Beauchamp’s schedule is pretty […]

Google Inbox will remind you to unsubscribe from unread promo emails

Google has made email a much less tedious, junky affair for a lot of us, and it’s about to take another step to helping us clean out our inboxes. According to a report over at Android Police, users of Google’s Inbox app will start seeing new tips that will prompt them to unsubscribe from any […]

Supreme Court: Samsung’s in-box warranty can’t kill lawsuit

Samsung can’t force a closed-door proceeding to settle a lawsuit filed by a customer who felt misled about the capabilities of his Galaxy S4, the Supreme Court has ruled. The Korean tech giant has been trying to squash the lawsuit since it was filed, arguing that any customer who buys the S4 agrees to private […]

Microsoft launches Beta: Faster framework, more personalization, and a smarter inbox

After the massive overhaul last year, Microsoft is back at it again. The company today announced Beta, a new version of the web email client users can try to improve by giving feedback to the team’s engineers and designers. The company is promising the beta will bring a faster with new ways […]

How Did Get Users to Allow It to Sell Their Inbox Data?

Image: Facebook For years now, people have been letting read the contents of their email inboxes, to help them unsubscribe from email spam. The service was endorsed by our sister site Lifehacker in 2011 for its effectiveness in finding and cleaning out unwanted subscriptions (and Gizmodo wrote about its iOS app release last […]