Britain's Got Talent 2018: Dec Donnelly rages at David Walliams 'I'll smash your face in'

In the results show for tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent live semi-final, Dec walked over to the judging panel to announce that the voting had closed. But as he did, David could be seen throwing confetti at the presenter and appeared to be far from impressed. Dec turned to the judge and jokingly warned him: “Stop […]

'I don't watch anything I'm in' but Bill Nighy looks forward to Ordeal By Innocence

“I don’t watch anything I’m in,” reveals the Love Actually star, who’s gearing up not to sit down and enjoy the new Agatha Christie three-parter, Ordeal By Innocence, that he stars in. Nighy’s reticence to watch his performances began with his first appearance on television in the late-1960s police show Softly, Softly. “I actually robbed […]

Coronation Street spoilers: Phelan issued brutal blow amid downfall 'The net's closing in'

Nicola Thorp, who stars as Pat’s (played by Conor McIntyre) daughter, teased that she will team up with the father of her unborn child Gary Windass (Mikey North) to uncover his secrets.  “Let’s just say the net is closing in on Phelan, and Gary and Nicola join forces to figure out what he’s hiding!” the […]

Ten Days in the Valley Star, EP on the Premiere Line 'We Fought to Keep In'

In the first few minutes of Sunday’s Ten Days in the Valley premiere, a little girl named Lake confesses to her mother that her court-mandated visits with her father are often very lonely. “Sometimes when I’m gone, when I’m with Daddy,” she whispers, “I miss you so much that I think I want to go […]

Scandal: Joe Morton Talks Rowan's 'Powerful' New Enemy, Advises Fans to 'Strap In' for Thursday's Killer Reveal

Scandal has served up plenty of tasty twists during the past six seasons, but Thursday’s (ABC, 9/8c) promises to be a real doozy: the reveal of Frankie Vargas’ killer. RELATEDScandal‘s Scott Foley on Jake’s Explosive Reveal, Rowan’s New Enemy “Whenever these moments come in Scandal, I think you should just strap in, get a nice bottle […]