Research links rare cancer to breast implants, but Health Canada says no safety advisory is needed

At least 25 Canadian women have developed a rare cancer linked to breast implants — and almost all of them had the same type of textured implant, according to researchers. But Health Canada has no plans to remove this implant from the market or to directly alert Canadian women who have the implants, an investigation […]

Experts are researching the use of brain implants to treat medical conditions — but they can alter the way patients see the world in potentially dangerous ways

Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images Deep brain stimulation is a medical procedure that inserts an implant into the brain. This implant can alter neural activity, in an effort to treat neural dysfunction.  In the past, patients have experienced a change in perception and hallucinations with the implant in place.  If the implant can control a person’s behaviour to […]

Indian state offers free breast implants, hand transplants for the poor

The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu will now offer free cosmetic surgery, including breast implants, cleft lip surgeries and hand transplants to the poor. Authorities made the announcement Wednesday. “We have been doing surgeries to reconstruct entire breasts or a part for cancer victims,” head of plastic surgery Dr V Ramadevi said, as cited […]

Helmet hair dryer to ‘key’ implants: IFA Berlin reveals some of tech’s wackiest innovations

Published time: 3 Sep, 2017 17:06 Europe’s biggest tech trade show, IFA, is taking place in Berlin this week and alongside the latest industry developments, tech companies also unveiled some eye-catching, though odd, innovations. RT takes a look at some of the wackiest gadgets unveiled at the event. 1 Hair dryer hood This bizarre looking […]

Surge in Australian breast cancer cases linked to cheap breast implants

Published time: 27 Aug, 2017 19:35 A recent spate of breast cancer diagnoses among women in Australia has been directly linked to cheap breast implants. The country’s health regulators are examining a connection between the cheap textured devices and a growing number of cases of a rare blood cancer called anaplastic large cell carcinoma (ALCL). […]