The impact of the latest proposed US tariffs on industry sectors, in one chart

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images US stocks fell heavily on Wednesday, like other markets around the world. JP Morgan Asset Management has looked at the US sectors most exposed to price increases should the latest round of proposed US tariffs be implemented. It says the overall impact on the US economy is likely to be small in […]

Massimo Luongo: ‘I’m here to have an impact’

Video Massimo Luongo: ‘I’m here to have an impact’0:53 Football: Socceroos midfielder Massimo Luongo says he is confident, prepared and excited to do well at the World Cup. June 11th 2018 4 hours ago /display/ news and galleries/Football/ Football Massimo Luongo: ‘I’m here to have an impact’0:53 June 11th 2018 4 hours ago /display/ news […]

Russia v Saudi Arabia World Cup opener could have impact on global oil market

It won’t just be football on the menu when Russian President Vladimir Putin meets Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the World Cup opener between their two countries on June 14. The two leaders will watch the World Cup’s opening game at Luzhniki Stadium next Thursday, with the meeting between the two teams not […]

Sheedy’s impact on young Giant

Video Sheedy’s impact on young Giant3:05 AFL: Zac Williams talks about the impact Kevin Sheedy has had on his career. May 29th 2018 2 hours ago /display/ news and galleries/AFL/ AFL Sheedy’s impact on young Giant3:05 May 29th 2018 2 hours ago /display/ news and galleries/AFL/ Sheedy becomes latest Legend0:45 May 29th 2018 2 hours […]

Jose Mourinho makes shock revelation about Arsene Wenger’s impact on Manchester United

Mourinho says when Wenger arrived as Arsenal boss back in 1996 it pushed Sir Alex Ferguson to new levels as Manchester United boss. Ferguson and Wenger had a fractious relationship and so did Mourinho and the Frenchman – when the Portuguese was in charge of Chelsea. Wenger will make his final visit to Old Trafford […]

Tiger Woods had one MAJOR impact on golf with Masters appearance

Woods was competing at Augusta for the first time since 2015 and he played a major part in the TV viewing figures peaking at their highest point for five years. TV networks had seen viewers dwindle over the last couple of years as Tiger Mania cooled while the American recovered from lower-back surgery. But his […]

Can Social Rank Impact Human Health? She Says Yes

Jenny Tung first traveled to East Africa in 2006 to study the wild baboons of Amboseli, Kenya. She remembers being surprised at how big they were, noting, “They are so human to me.” Tung has returned every year since, adding to decades of detailed field observations about the primates’ social behavior, and bringing cutting-edge genomic […]

Is your career making you ill? Common jobs and their impact on health and wellbeing

GETTY Every profession has its risks and benefits Office Workers More than 10 million of us work in offices, sitting behind a desk for hours. But sitting hunched over a keyboard for long periods is bad news for the body, according to research published in the Annals Of Internal Medicine. It doesn’t just cause stiffness […]

Star Wars: Will Last Jedi BACKLASH impact new Rian Johnson trilogy? Director speaks out

It was announced prior to the movie’s release that Johnson would helm three more Star Wars movies. But when The Last Jedi’s bold change in direction and surprising plot twists left the fanbase somewhat polarised, speculation inevitably turned to whether the upcoming projects would be impacted. “No, not really,” Johnson said simply at SXSW during […]