Astonishing Images of Street Art from Around the World

He’s only known as “WD,” which stands for “Wild Drawing,” and the moniker is apt; WD has been creating memorable and eye-catching street art around the world since 2000, seeing opportunities and compositions in the corners, doorways, and blank walls of modern metropolises, and filling them. According to his website, the Indonesian artist currently lives […]

Coronation Street spoilers: FIRST images reveal identity of Liz McDonald's long-lost child

Liz McDonald (played by Beverley Callard) is floored when her ex-husband, Jim (Charles Lawson), reveals the true reason for his return to Coronation Street in next week’s instalment of the ITV soap. The barmaid is left shaken when Jim tells her their daughter who they thought died after being born in 1992 is, in fact, […]

Star Wars 9: HEARTBREAKING new Leia storyline revealed in these images

Episode IX will be very difficult for fans to watch. Whatever the divisions and rancour left from the backlash against The Last Jedi, everyone is united in their grief over Carrie Fisher’s death and the loss of what was intended to be a spectacular final arc for her Alderaan princess turned Resistance leader. Leia, we […]

Google offers AI toolkit to report child sex abuse images

Numerous organizations have taken on the noble task of reporting pedophilic images, but it’s both technically difficult and emotionally challenging to review vast amounts of the horrific content. Google is promising to make this process easier. It’s launching an AI toolkit that helps organizations review vast amounts of child sex abuse material both quickly and […]

Clever Images of Original Pop Culture Matchboxes

Our friends at Gallery1988 have shown us, over the years, that there are all kinds of ways to show your love for pop culture. And just when we thought they’d run out of canvasses, along came Chet Phillips. His new exhibition “Got A Light?,” which runs through Saturday at the L.A.-based gallery, is a collection […]

North Korea: Incredible images reveal what it's REALLY like in the secretive state

North Korea is most likely to hit the headlines in regards to the threat of dictator Kim Jong-un and nuclear weapons. But photos taken by Getty photographer Carl Court allow viewers to see a different side to the Hermit Country, from couples enjoying a day out at the beach to commuters travelling on the subway. […]

Gorgeous UV Images of a Neon Wonderland (In a Bathtub) [NSFW]

Adriano Rodrigues’s life could have ended on March 14, 2014. “I was hit by a drunk driver going over 100 mph in 40 mph residential zone,” the artist and photographer writes on Bored Panda. “I was diagnosed with TBI and PTSD… It’s been almost five years since the accident and I still have issues trying […]

No more ‘hot women’ – FIFA wants fewer images of attractive female fans in stadiums

FIFA’s Head of Sustainability and Diversity Federico Addiechi has urged broadcasters to show less cutaways of beautiful women in the stands as part of efforts to tackle sexism in football. The world football governing body wants to get a more respectful image of female fans attending games as issues of sexual harassment during the World […]