Optical illusions: Paris art looks VERY different from another angle – were you surprised?

Optical illusions play tricks on our mind, and this particular snap represents how the same thing can appear entirely different. By moving one’s position ever so slightly, the perspective changes, with the artwork no longer representing what it once did. In this particular optical illusion, which was posted on Twitter, a patch of green grass […]

A photographer captures pictures at the perfect time to reveal optical illusions in everyday life

Courtesy of Jonathan Higbee Jonathan Higbee has spent the past five years crafting a love letter to the place he calls home. Higbee’s beautiful homage, a collection of photographs titled “Coincidences,” captures everyday moments on the streets of New York City, where the photographer moved a decade ago. Each picture in the ongoing series reveals […]

Convincing illusions of space and sportiness | 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport First Drive

Nissan has been selling the Qashqai subcompact crossover for several years in other parts of the world. Now it’s coming stateside, but it won’t retain the global name, which is difficult to pronounce and spell. Instead, it will borrow the well-known and profitable moniker from its larger sibling, the Rogue, with the word “Sport” tagged […]